Quantico Season 2 Spoilers: New Episodes May Reveal Reasons for Ryan’s Betrayal against Alex and Nation


The winter finale of Quantico Season 2 was full of surprises and would have definitely glued the audiences to their seats. The big question is why did Ryan betray Alex and can she forgive him?

Alex’s Dilemma

When Quantico Season 2 returns, it will be aired on a new time slot. The TV show will not be telecast on Sundays but on every Monday night.

Now, the shift may influence viewership but the plot appears to be enthralling. While it is evident that Ryan betrayed Alex and his country, his motive is not known as on date. It will be interesting to observe Alex’s reaction in the upcoming episodes. But the most important question is can she pardon the man for his disappointing behavior?

Present Installment is Different from Season 1

Quantico Season 2 has not disillusioned the viewers in terms of the surprise elements the plot came up with, ever since it started. Every character has been under suspicion as opposed to Season 1.

So, it has been revealed that Ryan is a terrorist and not a good guy anymore. Did he betray Alex voluntarily or was he forced by someone to do this heinous act? However, whatever was the reason, one thing stands out clearly. It will not be easy for Alex to forgive him.

According to The Siver Times, while the main protagonist of the show is honest and full of integrity, viewers should not forget that she is working with top investigation agencies like the CIA and the FBI. As such, she has to take certain actions at times, which she may not be happy about.

If Ryan had acted under pressure, can she move on and pardon him? Will her love conquer all other emotions?

Meanwhile, actress Priyanka Chopra, who has been portraying the role of Alex, became immensely popular for her role in Quantico. But while the show did well in its first season, the second season has failed to impress many viewers till now.

DNA reported that due the falling TRPs of Season 2, show makers have cut down everyone’s fees and that includes even Chopra’s. Fans can only hope that when Quantico Season 2 resumes, things will improve for their favorite write show.

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Quantico Season 2 Spoilers: New Episodes May Reveal Reasons for Ryan’s Betrayal against Alex and Nation

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