Quantico Season 2 Returns in March With New Format

Quantico Season 2

Quantico season 2 will return in March with a new format and a fresh start for the CIA agents.

The ABC drama has finally merged its CIA trainees’ backstories to the present terror plot in New York City in its most recent episode. In episode 13,  the crisis has been resolved. The show will then move on with one timeline starting next month.

This means Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) and her fellow FBI and CIA agents will work on a new task through the remaining episodes of season 2. Showrunner Joshua Safran earlier said there will be no more flashbacks in the series starting in March.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Safran said the show will change its tone to be more political and ripped from the headlines. The remaining nine episodes will be lighter and sleeker as well, and will not focus on conspiracy and paranoia like in the previous episodes.

When asked if they made changes in the plot now that Donald Trump is the president, Safran said they ripped stories more on the people around the new president.

“When Trump was elected, we decided to substitute Trump for terrorism. Even though we don’t have a Trump in our show, we are looking at the way America can be hijacked and all of the party players that help that to happen. The plot stayed the same for the upcoming episodes. But we focused them to be more analog to the real world. We were suddenly able to rip from the headlines in a way the show never had before …”

Meanwhile, Safran also confirmed that Caleb (Graham Rogers) is coming back this season. He teased that fans will see him in more than one episode.

He, however, refused to divulge when Caleb will return. Safran further hinted that when the character returns, he will create tension in the series.

Quantico’s Future After Season 2

ABC has yet to renew the series for another season. Safran admitted that the ratings of season 2 have dropped as compared to its premiere season. He, however, remains optimistic about season 3.  Safran said they would wrap up season 2 and will also spin-off the next season.

The showrunner also assured that viewers will be satisfied with the show’s ending if Quantico will not be renewed.  He added each character will have their own closure, saying:

“It’s not necessarily going to end in a happy ending. But it’s going to end in an ending that feels correct for the characters.”

Quantico season 2 is taking its three-week hiatus. It will return on March 20.

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Image Source: Facebook/Quantico ABC

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Quantico Season 2 Returns in March With New Format

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