Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Theory Suggests AD is a Duo

Pretty Little Liars season 7b
The Liars in PLL

The Pretty Little Liars season 7B premiere is finally less than a month away. This time, a new theory suggests that AD or Uber A could be a duo.

Refinery29 reports about the theory which originates from Reddit, courtesy of PLL fans. A Redditor going by the name theCeCeDrake took one of Pretty Little Liars‘ new promo in consideration.

In one scene, a hooded figure appears to be adjusting a mobile. However, the eagle-eyed fan takes note that aside from the figure–presumed to be AD–there’s another pair of gloved hands. Refinery29 offers that the gloves may not be attached to actual hands, however, the alternative is also possible.

The source details that another clue comes from Redditor PrettyGirlsLie. PrettyGirlsLie takes note that the PLL promos for season 7B features a lot of shots of Lucas’ (Brendan Robinson) apartment door. Consequently, the character’s apartment number is 2A.

Certainly, there’s a fifty percent chance that this is mere coincidence. However, there is another side of possibility which could make apartment 2A a major clue hiding in plain sight.

Whatever the truth is, Pretty Little Liars history suggests that it is totally possible to have more than one A. After all, CeCe Drake’s (Vanessa Ray) turn revealed that she had help from Sara Harvey (Dre Davis). The intricate terror Uber A has been inflicting on the girls would also suggest it’s a job for more than one person.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Premiere Photo

To tide fans over, Pretty Little Liars recently released a new photo featuring the Liars. Fortunately, an important aspect the photo brings is the news that Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is still alive.

Fans will recall that Spencer got shot at the end of season 7A after being shot. In her suffering, Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) suddenly reveals that she is actually Spencer’s biological mom.

It seems like the 7B premiere will explore how the revelation affected her. Nevertheless, the newly released photo suggests the Liars’ concern over something. Bustle offers a few suggestions as to what the Liars have seen to elicit such an expression.

One theory points to the girls receiving a gift from AD. True enough, a number of Pretty Little Liars season 7B promos featured the girls opening a mysterious box. Could the moment in this photo be the time they are opening the package?

Another theory the source suggests detail that the girls could be helping Spencer find answers to her connection with Mary Drake. In the course of seven seasons, the girl proved their sleuthing capabilities.

Fans will find more answers when Pretty Little Liars season 7B premieres on April 18.

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Image Source: Facebook/Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7B Theory Suggests AD is a Duo

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