Girls Cope up with A.D.’s Torment in Pretty Little Liars Season 7

Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars

The cast of Pretty Little Liars Season 7 will be returning with new and darker episodes. A fresh promo clip looks quite horrifying as the girls try to cope up with the mental suffering caused by A.D.

According to a report from TV Guide, Pretty Little Liars season 7 will have  episodes with darker elements. A trailer for the season finale of the series is now available, which shows that the cast takes control of their lives this time around.

New Trailer Shows Girls Fighting Back

“We swim around in this fishbowl like we are in control. We are not,” says Mona. “There has always been somebody watching, manipulating.”

The new trailer from Freeform hints that the girls are still dealing with A.D. but  are now stronger. Emily was also seen preparing herself to attack an intruder using a candlestick, while Hannah shouted “This wrecked my life!”

Hannah looked afraid, while she complained to Aria that her life has been destroyed because of their situation. Spencer is also seen beingi nterrogated by the police.

On the other hand, Lucy Hale who plays Aria in PLL, told that she had mixed emotions after learning that the series will not be having a season 8.

“It was a mixture of emotions. It was obviously very sad. The cast and the crew grew really close. It was also really gratifying,” Hale said in an interview. “It has been a long time on that show – we worked really hard. It felt like we had accomplished something really big. We left it on a good note.”

Hale feels satisfied about her and the rest of the crew’s work in the last season of PLL series. “We give everyone all the answers they could have ever dreamed of. That felt good to wrap it up. It feels weird that we will never go back for season eight. I am still just adjusting to my new life without it.”

Season 7  will be revealing the biggest secrets and answers that the fans have been waiting for. The audience will finally know who is behind the terrors and dangers in the lives of the lead stars.

 Pretty Little Liars season 7  will return on April 18, 2017.

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Image Source: Facebook/Pretty Little Liars

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Girls Cope up with A.D.’s Torment in Pretty Little Liars Season 7

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