Prepare for Changes When Nashville Season 5 Returns to TV with CMT

Nashville season 5
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Viewers who will be tuning in to Nashville season 5 may be a little bit disoriented when it premieres this week. It is still the same show, but be prepared for a lot of major changes.

For the unfamiliar, the country-inspired series has moved from ABC to its new network, CMT. Moreover, the show’s creative team has decided to try a different approach and do away with “soapy theatrics.”

The series’ fourth season was characterized by such a dire storyline that everything seemed to deviate from the show’s original concept. It was no longer the credible backstage drama that was inspired by the country’s music establishment.

Returning to its Roots

Nashville season 5 will therefore attempt to go back to its roots, according to showrunner Marshall Herskovitz. This means the show will be more “people centered” and do away with much of the theatrics that defined the previous seasons.

“We’re betting that a deep, emotional connection to the characters will be a stronger pull for the audience than the OMG effect,” explained Herskovitz in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Herskovitz and his producing partner, Ed Zwick, want to re-establish the show’s connection with the music that spurred its creation. They also want to put the spotlight back on the series’ real stars – the singers, songwriters, producers and executives.

“I can say that we’ll play more music and for longer this year than ever before in the show,” Herskovitz said.

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More Realistic Storytelling

According to TV Guide, Nashville season 5 will be less frenetic. It will reportedly feature a more realistic style of storytelling. The show’s producer have pledged to make good on this promise.

The season’s premiere will be mainly focusing on Juliette’s (Hayden Penettiere) plane crash and the tragedy’s effect on the people close to her. The show’s first hour show’s how Rayna (Connie Britton) copes with Juliette’s (sorry, spoiler alert!) “near-death.”

Herskovitz also revealed that the series will also be “slowed down” and limit the number of sub-plots of each episode. With these developments, Nashville season 5 is gearing up to resume its pole position in the TV rankings.

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Prepare for Changes When Nashville Season 5 Returns to TV with CMT

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