Powerless Season 1 Episode 4 Reveals Van’s Superhero Fantasy

Powerless season 1 episode 4

It would appear Powerless season 1 episode 4 might have figured out how to bring in DC superhero characters into the series. Learn the latest on tonight’s episode.

Powerless is a DC comedy comics series. Yet the show revealed early on its focus will not be on the superheroes within its universe. Instead, its attention is on the ordinary citizens of Charming City.

However, Powerless season 1 episode 4 reveals the presence of a superhero in Charming City. At least sort of.

First Look at Powerless Season 1 Episode 4

Powerless season 1 episode 4 titled Emily Dates A Henchman features Van (Alan Tudyk) as he gives into his superhero fantasy. It would appear the cousin of Bruce Wayne has aspirations to become Batman’s sidekick, Robin.

Apparently, Van along with Teddy (Danny Pudi) and Ron (Ron Funches) are on a mission in the upcoming episode. As it turns out, the trio found one of Batman’s batarangs. Hence, their desire to locate the Caped Crusader. Perhaps it also serves as the inspiration for Van to put on the costume.

Sadly, this could be the closest viewers will get to see a superhero on the DC Comics comedy series. As Entertainment Weekly explained, the depiction of existing characters on Powerless is limited due to certain formalities. Nonetheless, it would be interesting to Van dressed up as Robin when Powerless season 1 episode 4 airs.

Powerless Season 1 Episode 4 Summary

As the title suggests, love is in the air for Emily in Powerless season 1 episode 4. Regardless of the fact she is dating a henchman who works for the Riddler, Comic Book Movie reported.

A sneak peek at the episode showed Emily happily greeting her team upon her arrival in the office. She eagerly shared her weekend plans with Dan (Robert Buckley from iZombie). Apparently, he plans to take her on a trip out of town. Interestingly, their destination is his boss’ house which is suspiciously carved into the side of a mountain.

The team is concerned about her dating a henchman. Hence, they drop subtle hints at what fun she can have staying within Charming City especially in public areas where there are a lot of people.

However, Emily defended Dan’s character, She backed him up even if Teddy showed her a guide on the Five Signs You Are Dating A Henchman. But eventually, she figured it out as she relayed to them the interesting amenities awaiting her at the top of Skull Mountain.

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Image source: Facebook/Powerless

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Powerless Season 1 Episode 4 Reveals Van’s Superhero Fantasy

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