How Powerless Plans to Bring in DC Superhero Characters into the Series


Powerless might be a DC Comics comedy series but it does not focus on superheroes of the universe. Nonetheless, it will not stop showrunner Patrick Schumaker from figuring out a way to bring them in.

Early reviews prior to the Powerless premiere date hinted at a delightful comedy. The casting of Vanessa Hudgens in the lead role of Emily appeared to be a bonus for the DC Comics series.

So, the lack of superhero characters in it did not seem to matter. Interestingly, the subtle connections to them in the storyline apparently works well for the Powerless TV show.

Plans of the Powerless Showrunner

Admittedly, showrunner Patrick Schumaker understands the limitations of his TV series. Nonetheless, he is looking ahead. Moreover, he appears to have a plan on how a crossover could happen, eventually.

Indeed, Schumaker does not seem to be one who would back down from a challenge. Hence, he intends to be creative in order to get what he wants. Moreover, he is certain fans will also appreciate what he has in mind.

“The idea of a multiverse, I think, gives you license to have an actor from one of the other shows show up playing somebody different. Because who’s to say in this world that Barry Allen or Wally West – Barry Allen if it’s Grant – isn’t a courier? He doesn’t have any powers, necessarily. Or maybe he does, and we just never show it. Maybe he’s the FedEx guy,” Schumaker told

Possible Crossover Ideas

The theory posted by Schumaker would certainly raise the interest of comic book fans. Indeed, his idea of getting Jason Momoa to appear in next season as the guy who delivers the water would be a cool treat. Momoa plays Aquaman, so the role would be perfect for him.

In line with this thought, then Grant Gustin could have a cameo as a courier. The actor plays The Flash on The CW series. So, to a certain extent, having an actor who plays a superhero role appear in a Powerless episode could feel like a crossover.

Powerless Spoiler

Meanwhile, the next episode of Powerless titled Wayne Dream Team airs on February 9. Despite its title, it has a Valentine’s Day theme. As it turns out, Emily has been dating a henchman of The Riddler for the past few weeks. Hence, her dilemma when her dating life gets caught up in one of their schemes, the Comics Chronicle wrote.

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Image source: Facebook/Powerless

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How Powerless Plans to Bring in DC Superhero Characters into the Series

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