A Power Rangers Reboot is Happening But it Won’t be for Kids

Power Rangers reboot
Power Rangers

No doubt, a Power Rangers reboot would excite many fans of the nineties animated series. However, they might be in for a surprise as Adi Shankar adds a twist to it.

Of late, the Power Rangers reboot movie is what many fans are waiting for. The film from Lionsgate premieres in theaters on March 24. The movie will be the third for the Saban franchise.

However, another Power Rangers reboot is reportedly underway but on the small screen. With Shankar at the helm of this project, what can fans expect from his version of the animated series?

A Mature Power Rangers Reboot

According to Polygon, the Adi Shankar Power Rangers reboot would be an R-rated version of the nineties TV show. Apparently, it would be a cross between Power Rangers and Dragon Ball Z.

Hence, fans can expect to see more violence. Therefore, it is not likely a cartoon for children.

“It’s a complete retelling of the first three seasons. And it’s going to be really f—ing dark. Darker than any other Power Rangers series,” Shankar said. As it turns out, the show was one of his favorites as a child along with the X-Men animated series.

Apparently, Shankar produced an R-rated short film of the Power Rangers two years ago. His bootleg version of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers starred James Van Der Beek (Dawson’s Creek) and Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica). Joseph Kahn (Torque, Detention) directed Power/Rangers, a “bootleg short film.”

What are the Chances of the Power Rangers Reboot Series

Adi Shankar seemed certain about his plans for his version of the Power Rangers reboot. Indeed, he foresees it happening within the next 18 months.

Moreover, he wants to take the show to Netflix where he is currently working on Castlevania. The company has yet to issue a comment on the plans of Shankar.

Then again, Ethan Anderton of /Film does not seem to be as optimistic about the Power Rangers reboot like Shankar. As per Anderton, Saban might not want a separate series to coincide with its new film franchise, especially one which is clearly not meant for younger audiences. Although it might attract older fans of the animated series, it is uncertain if Saban would be interested in such a project.

The disclaimer at the start of the Power/Rangers Unauthorized [Bootleg Universe] is part of the deal between Saban and Shankar to settle their dispute after the short film came out.

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Image source: Facebook/Power Rangers

Video source:  YouTube/Adi Shankar

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A Power Rangers Reboot is Happening But it Won’t be for Kids

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