Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 6: Redbot Rescues Hayley

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 6
Power Rangers Ninja Steel

Hayley will get in trouble in Power Rangers Ninja Steel episode 6. Fortunately, Redbot came in time to save her from Galvanax’s latest monster.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel episode 6 airs March 4 on Nickelodeon. The 24th season of the franchise debuted last January and will take a hiatus after eight episodes.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 6 Synopsis

The Power Rangers Ninja Steel episode 6 synopsis hints at the combined efforts of Hayley and Redbot against the latest monster from Galvanax, who is this season’s main villain. According to Den of Geek, Galvanax is the reigning champion of the Galaxy Warriors.

Hayley is targeted by Galvanax’s latest monster. Isolated from the other Rangers, she and Redbot must work together to save themselves.

The teaser clip shows Hayley in the woods with her dog Kody. It would appear they are tracking down Redbot.

Hayley acknowledges Kody’s good job for finding Redbot’s footprints. However, just as they were about to follow the trail, Galvanax’s latest monster arrives.

The Bagpipes’ music instantly hypnotizes Hayley even before she could finish her heroic speech. If Redbot had not arrived in time, then Bagpipes would have had his hands on her Ninja Power Star. Fortunately, his music has no effect on Redbot.

Hayley breaks free from the hypnotic music and intends to give the monster a lesson. She quickly transforms into the White Ranger to do so. Yet, what was Hayley doing in the woods alone with just her dog and looking for Redbot?

Could it have a connection to the teaser shared by Nick Alive on the upcoming Power Rangers Ninja Steel episode 6?
The super sneak peek hinted at Redbot’s desire to go to the school dance with Hayley.

Despite his circuitry, Redbots loves fairytales and romantic balls. However, she reportedly turned him down. Hence, the clip’s title Red Bot Rejected.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Upcoming Episodes

Two more episodes are in line for Power Rangers Ninja Steel before its reported hiatus. Episode 7 titled Hack Attack appears to focus on Sarah. Apparently, she is determined to join as many student activities possible.

In doing so, she creates a cloning device. However, Galvanax gets in the way and steals the technology. No doubt, he intends to use them in his evil plans.

Episode 8 titled Gold Rush will focus on the efforts of both the Power Rangers and Galvanax to learn more about the mysterious Gold Ranger.

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Image source: Facebook/Power Rangers

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 6: Redbot Rescues Hayley

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