Please Like Me Season 4 is the End of the Show’s Run, Here’s Why

Please Like Me season 4
Please Like Me

Please Like Me season 4 is the end for the Australian dramedy. Creator and lead star Josh Thomas tweeted the announcement recently.

Apparently, the decision to end Please Like Me was unanimous among Thomas and the rest of the producers. Alas, the star and creator took it upon himself to deliver the sad surprise to fans.

Nonetheless, the series reportedly ends on a high note with the emotional Please Like Me season 4 finale, The Sydney Morning Herald writes. What’s ahead for the remaining episodes?

Please Like Me Season 4 Finale Recap

Previously, the first three seasons of the Australian dramedy series was on Pivot, which is no longer active. Season 4 of Please Like Me is currently available for streaming on Hulu. Hence, let this be a warning to fans who have yet to watch it as Please Like Me season 4 spoilers are coming up.

According to producer Todd Abbott, the Please Like Me season 4 finale led them to make the ultimate decision on the show’s future. As it turns out, the death of Thomas’s mother on the show had such an impact on fans. Hence, they felt the story was done.

“So many viewers have let us know that this recent season had a profound effect on them that we really don’t want to spoil that by going back to the well one too many times,” Abbott said. “Across four seasons, Please Like Me has chronicled Josh’s entire twenties, but that period in his life has come to a conclusion. We’re storytellers, and we’re really happy that this particular story has been told,” he added.

A Look Back at Please Like Me

Please Like Me became a cult favorite not only in Australia but in the U.S., TV Line reports. The series debuted in Australia on ABC back in 2013. Eventually, it made its way to the United States on a cable network.

In 2014, the series earned a nomination for an international Emmy Award. In Australia, Please Like Me earned three AACTA Awards and nominations for a number of Logies during its run. Moreover, it earned a nod for the international Rose d’Or award.

The series chronicled the life of a young gay man Down Under and starred Josh Thomas. It narrated his dating life, his divorced parents, and the romantic misfortunes of his friends as well. The attempted suicide of Josh’s mother during the pilot episode was one of the occasional dark moments of the dramedy series.

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Image source: Facebook/PleaseLikeMeABC2

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Please Like Me Season 4 is the End of the Show’s Run, Here’s Why

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