Planet Earth II Now Has A Humorous Human Side [WATCH]

Planet Earth II
Planet Earth II

Planet Earth II now has one more footage featuring the animal kingdom. If one is more into funny viral animal videos, this might be just the thing for him. What makes it more interesting is, animals having human screams. Needless to say, the dubbing did a wonderful job to bring giggles.

A few days back a Reddit user mashed up the iguana’s incredible escape from Planet Earth II with  Marshawn Lynch’s describing his famous “Beast Quake” run. It was the 67-yard touchdown run he rattled off in the 2011 NFC Wild Card against the Saints.

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This time, YouTuber Matt Amys gave things a simpler yet more hilarious direction through this video. The noises made by wild animals are just replaced with human screams.  Various wildlife moments like chasing, hunting, killing outbreaks, fighting and so on are being smartly synced with regular human reactions of screaming. The effect is hilarious and you may not feel bored even after even repeated views.

Human Humor in Animal World Looks Justified?

Right from the beginning, Planet Earth II has been portraying an unseen side of the animal world where everything runs on the “Survival of The Fittest” theory!  This newly exposed side is equally crazy, ruthless and mysterious. So, the addition of human screams to some feral situations, might not look completely irrelevant, here.  In fact, you may find a lot of circumstances where the animals certainly have the motivations to scream out like people, reported Cinema Blend.

The documentary has made an excellent attempt of storytelling using nature photography. The high definition visuals are beyond words. In point of fact, the howling video is funny as well as a little disturbing, at the same time.

British nature documentary series Planet Earth II has garnered heaps of praises from viewers worldwide. Produced by the BBC as a sequel to Planet Earth, this series premiered on 6 November 2016 in the United Kingdom on BBC One and BBC One HD.

Planet Earth II is a smashing hit. However, the show earned a lot of criticism too with many claiming the documentary is actually too gruesome and brutal for the small screen.

Watch The Video Here:

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Photo: BBC | Planet Earth II 

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Planet Earth II Now Has A Humorous Human Side [WATCH]

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