The Path Season 2 Premiere: Learn More About the Sequel Straight from Aaron Paul

The Path season 2 premiere
Aaron Paul

Main cast Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan and show creator Jessica Goldberg talks The Path season 2 premiere details. Here’s what we have gathered so far.

According to reports, Hulu’s American television drama returns with a new journey and additional cast. The story that focuses on the members of a fictional religion, Meyerism, will continue the narrative from where the first season left off.

The Path Season 2 Premiere – Aaron Paul Talks Eddie, Cal and Movement

In Paul’s interview with Collider, the actor revealed that he always knew that Eddie will break away from the Movement. He knew that his character wanted to see “what life was like on the outside.”

The entire second season, he is fighting that calling and desperately trying to ignore it. But then, he starts getting used to it and has to try to figure out what he’s going to do with that information.

Moreover, Paul laid out his thoughts about Cal (Hugh Dancy) as the leader of the Movement. He noted that Eddie still believes that Cal doesn’t deserve to be the group’s leader. Instead, the actor thinks that Eddie might be a better leader given the fact that his character can see things from each side of the world.

Michelle Monaghan, Creator Talks Second Season Details

TV Line had a chat with The Path team. They revealed details about the show’s second season and what to expect from Hulu’s original series.

When asked about Eddie Lane’s possible responsibility to Dr. Steven Meyer’s (Kier Dullea) death, Goldberg refused to reveal the main lead’s involvement. The founder’s death is said to be one of the series’ mystery this season.

In addition, the showrunner expressed her happiness with James Remar’s addition. “He and Clark, who are such an unlikely pair… they become the detectives of season 2.”

Meanwhile, about Eddie’s faith and Sarah’s (Monaghan) relationship to the man, Goldberg and the actress briefly explained the character’s story arc. The showrunner says that though Eddie is outside the walls of his religion, he is still trying to find his way back to hold onto his faith. Monaghan, on the other hand, reveals that her character is “desperately in love” with Eddie.

However, she had to let him go. “You can really see the emotional struggle that she has. Clearly, these are two people that still love each other,” Monaghan said.

Furthermore, the actress also clarified Sarah’s affair with a stranger. Her character, says the actress, is just “emotionally unstable” and was “feeling really unhinged” that time. 

The Path season 2 premiere drops this April on Hulu. Bookmark GoshTV in case more revelations emerge about the new season.

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Image Source: WikiCommons/ Gage Skidmore

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The Path Season 2 Premiere: Learn More About the Sequel Straight from Aaron Paul

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