Outlander Star Sam Heughan’s Youthful Look as Jamie in Teaser Video; Actor Teases Print Shop Scene Details


Outlander star Şam Heughan was seen in a recently released video, raising a toast on the occasion of the New Year.  The clip also teased what the viewers can expect in season 3.

Outlander Star Sam Heughan Raises Toast to Fans

When fan-favorite character Sam Heughan was seen in a recently released promo clip, dressed as Jamie, his fans were delighted. The actor sported a  youthful look in the video.

Starz released the teaser clip on New Year’s Day and looking at Heughan’s young get up as Jamie is perhaps an indication that he had been shooting the flashback scenes. It could be also possible that contrary to some speculations, his character will not be aging for some time in the upcoming season.

However, when season 2 ended, there was a time jump of two decades for its characters. According to International Business Times, Sam Heughan raised his glass in the clip and said, “Here’s to the new year Outlanders, Cheers to 2017 and the adventures ahead.”

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Roger Moore Teases Battle of Culloden

Season 3 is expected, to begin with some action packed sequences between Black Jack (Tobias Menzies) and Jamie as the duo meets one another in the Battle of Culloden.

Though the scene does not feature in the original book, it has been added in Outlander season 3.

Ronald D. Moore, showrunner of the series, confirmed it while speaking to Entertainment Weekly earlier. He mentioned that they felt the viewers should get some feel about “what happened on that moor.”

But, if viewers are thinking that there will be only violence in the upcoming season, they are in for some surprises. In fact, there could be some romantic scenes between Jamie and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) when they reunite in a print shop.

Outlander Star Sam Heughan mentioned that the much-awaited scene was shot prior to the holidays. It is also being said that the plot will shift to Jamaica in the later part of the season. The cast and crew of Outlander will shift their base to South Africa temporarily as the story progresses.

The show promises to be a great one but there is no official confirmation about the premiere date of season 3 as of now.

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Outlander Star Sam Heughan’s Youthful Look as Jamie in Teaser Video; Actor Teases Print Shop Scene Details

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