Outlander Season 3 Writer Reveals How Jamie and Claire’s Print Shop Scene Is Different from Gabaldon’s Book

outlander season 3

Filming for Outlander Season 3 is in full momentum and there is no dearth of curiosity related to what is happening behind-the-scenes. Fortunately, for its viewers, Matthew B. Roberts, the show’s writer, came up with an interesting revelation about how the show may not be exactly same as the source.

The writer teased the possibility of the change in a Q&A session on his Twitter account.

Matthew Roberts Shares Change Details 

It is already known to many that Outlander Season 3 is based on Voyager, which is the third book in the series by Diana Gabaldon. So, when Roberts described the show’s finale, fans seemed to be taken aback.

It appears that there may be a shift in some events of Season 3 with respect to the source. In a way, it is logical too since it is difficult to exactly adapt such a big story like that of Outlander from page to TV screen. According to Movie Pilot, Roberts admitted that it was a real challenge to decide, which part they will stay completely true to and where they should tweak.

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Season 1 and Season 2 were True to Gabaldon’s Works

The first two seasons of the series have stayed quite loyal to Gabaldon’s books. Some fans of the Outlander community were not exactly amused when Roberts made a change, though small yet quite crucial from one of the major scenes in Voyager.  It is the much-talked-about scene where Claire gets reunited with Jamie at the latter’s print shop.

Readers are aware that in the book, the duo meets outside the shop. However, the script teased by the writer states that the couple meets inside the print store.

Meanwhile, CarterMatt mentioned that while Outlander has been voted by its fans as the Show of the Year, it is difficult to arrive at the exact viewership figures through traditional means. That is because while some prefer to watch the show live, many use their apps, DVR and other technology to view it.

Viewers have to wait to know the premiere date of Outlander Season 3.

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Outlander Season 3 Writer Reveals How Jamie and Claire’s Print Shop Scene Is Different from Gabaldon’s Book

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