Outlander Season 3 Spoilers Teased By Series Producer, Confirms ‘Pain’ In Upcoming Season

Outlander Season 3 Spoilers
Facebook/ Outlander TV Series

Outlander season 3 spoilers are no doubt unstoppable as it dominates social media along with the show’s producer despite the big game out there. It turns out that executive producer Matthew B. Roberts spent his time doing question and answer segment with the series’ fans via Twitter.

According to Carter Matt, the said session tackled several topics and it seems like the fans are having a really good time. Of course, there are no satisfying answers when one truly wants to know what is happening behind the camera.

There were plenty of answers Roberts revealed, but one that cannot be forgotten is the pain he will be bringing in season 3. A fan asked on Twitter:

“When you write a scene that you know will rip or hearts out, do you chuckle gleefully or cry along with us?”

Matthew Roberts explained he loves to write some things that can give good pain and tears. And he adds that in season 3, there is definitely one that can give fans those.

Outlander Season 3 Spoilers: #AskMatt

Meanwhile, one significant question also that a fan asked is if when will the filming in South Africa end. Roberts answered that they will be in the said location for a few more months. It can be remembered that actor Sam Heughan previously mentioned that filming will end in May.

Therefore, it is likely that they will be in South Africa until May. The producer then said that he cannot relay any more details. As expected, he will not be able to reveal production dates since avid followers of the show might gather up.

Next, a fan asked about what a typical day is for Roberts. They wonder why he does not seem to be sleeping at all. Despite not seeing any insight about the show regarding this question, it looks like the fan wanted to start the conversation lightly.

“Well, being a producer is not easy.” Roberts answered that he is up early 5 or 6 am to write. At 7 or 8am, he heads out to go on studio or other locations where he is needed. It still depends if he is directing, scouting or required to be in a meeting. Then, 8 to 9 am he is set to do some calls.

Title Cards

The fans went on asking about title cards and the number of episodes Roberts will be helming. He answered that he is in charge of creating all the title cards this season. In addition, he hints that they are set to feature some creative and special ones.

Furthermore, more Outlander season 3 spoilers will be revealed once details are available.

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Image Source: Facebook/Outlander

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Outlander Season 3 Spoilers Teased By Series Producer, Confirms ‘Pain’ In Upcoming Season

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