Once Upon a Time Season 6: Robin Hood’s Return Still a Mystery

Once Upon a Time Season 6
Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 6 showrunners had previously teased that Robin Hood would return. While a lot of fans are happy that he is back, it comes with a bittersweet twist. What does his return mean for Regina?

Show creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis had previously revealed that Robin Hood will be returning. In line with this, they are excited for fans to see what they have planned for his story arc. But the showrunners were also quick to point out that character will not be appearing in flashbacks. In addition, Once Upon a Time Season 6 will not be returning to the Underworld. Kitsis further added that what the Robin viewers will get this season is not the one they knew.

How Will Hook Affect Once Upon a Time Season 6?

Kitsis and Horowitz certainly delivered on that last bit. This is when Hook appeared on the midseason finale of Once Upon a Time Season 6. In that episode, the notorious bandit appeared to rob Regina and Emma just as they were getting ready to leave the alternate world they found themselves in. Seeing her dead lover rattled Regina so much that they missed the portal home.

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Of course, this new twist has raised several questions. Screener TV raised a legitimate concern when it questioned how real this wish world actually was. Is the world really just a construct of Emma, or does Regina also have some control over it?

There is also some confusion over the fact that this Robin Hood has no recollection of Regina. If he really was just a wish person, then why does he seem to be like a different person? Would not Regina or Emma wish for the person they know?

Actor Sean Maguire had previously admitted that, like the show’s fans, he was not happy with the abrupt way that his character was killed off. Returning to the series is a way for him and the viewers to get the closure they need.

The Timeless actor will be appearing in several episodes, something that fans can look forward to when Once Upon a Time Season 6 returns in March 2017. Once Upon a Time airs every Sunday on ABC.

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Once Upon a Time Season 6: Robin Hood’s Return Still a Mystery

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