NuHumans to Appear in Marvel’s Inhumans, Find Out Who They Are

Marvel's Inhumans
Marvel's Inhumans

The latest teaser for Marvel’s Inhumans hints at the appearance of NuHumans in the upcoming TV series. Learn more about them and what they possibly bring to the story.

Comic book writer Charles Soule hinted about the NuHumans making their way into Marvel’s Inhumans TV show. According to Bleeding Cool, Soule revealed this during an interview at the recent Coast-To-Coast Comic-Con.

Furthermore, Soule’s latest Twitter activity appears to build up the chances of his NuHumans joining Marvel’s Inhumans. Yet at the same time, it raises the curiosity of many about who they are.

Connection of NuHumans to Marvel’s Inhumans

NuHumans, the new Inhumans to be exact, are the creation of Charles Soule. This diverse cast came about because of the Infinity event. At the time, Black Bolt unleashed a cloud of Terrigen Mist over the Earth. Apparently, the King of Attilan wanted to create the next generation of Inhumans.

Interestingly, the entry of the NuHumans could bring the necessary conflict to the Marvel’s Inhumans narrative. Early spoilers for the TV show confirmed the show’s focus on the Royal Family and their never before told story.

In contrast to the classic Inhumans, the NuHumans maintain a dual allegiance according to Movie Pilot. They remain connected to their origins in terms of family, race, religion, and culture. In essence, they serve as the bridge between humans and Inhumans.

On the other hand, the Inhumans are a self-contained civilization with no connection to the human race. Moreover, they are loyal to the Royal Family. Based on recent set photos from the TV show’s ongoing production in Hawaii, it would appear present day earth will get a visit from them. Apparently, they are coming for the NuHumans.

Which NuHuman Might Appear in Marvel’s Inhumans

Lash is one of the NuHumans already featured by Agents of SHIELD. However, Soule has created characters who are more popular. For instance, the Marvel’s Inhumans cast could pick up Flint, Inferno, or Naja. Better yet, maybe all of them could be chosen.

Flint or Jaycen is a pyrokinetic. However, Agents of SHIELD has featured variations of this type of power before. In contrast, Inferno or Dante Pertuz and Naja might prove more interesting. As it turns out, Marvel has yet to explore the powers of a geokinetic like Inferno. Naja’s physical mutation could make her a popular choice for the Inhumans.

Then again, Kamala Khan could also be a possible pick. While she is not one of Soule’s creations, she is a fan-favorite character.

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Image source: Marvel Database/Dante Pertuz

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NuHumans to Appear in Marvel’s Inhumans, Find Out Who They Are

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