Not Just Elena, The Vampire Diaries Finale Brings Back This Character Too

The Vampire Diaries finale
David Anders

Is there another familiar face returning to The Vampire Diaries finale? Aside from Nina Dobrev’s Elena Gilbert, will we get to see her father as well? Here’s what we know so far.

According to reports, fans will have a memorable final season. Aside from the twists and turns happening in Mystic Falls and to the Salvatore brothers, more familiar faces will show up too.

Nina Dobrev’s Return

Recent updates from the production team, particularly from Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, indicated Dobrev’s return. However, no one knows if she will return as Elena or someone disguising as Damon’s lover. What is known so far is the actress herself confirmed the appearance via her official social media account.

The Vampire Diaries Finale Brings Back This Character Too

A new report from TV Line says that another Gilbert will make his way to the final season. This character is none other than Elena’s father, John Gilbert. The character is played by David Anders of iZombie.

There has been no official confirmation from The Vampire Diaries showrunners or even from The CW bosses. However, because of the actor’s cryptic message, fans assumed that he could make a comeback before the show wraps up.

Anders posted a “veiled” confirmation for his return on his Twitter account. In the tweet, the actor revealed that he is headed to Atlanta. The Vampire Diaries films episodes there. 

Consequently, fans took note that his iZombie series films in Vancouver, making his destination far from being related to the zombie series. Hence, the only explanation is a return to Mystic Falls.

Another clue is from his second phrase, “Do the math.” Though he did not clearly confirm it, the message comes across as a teaser for fans. He also re-tweeted a news source speculating on his return.  

On the other hand, everybody knows that John died to save his daughter’s life but he was able to return in Katherine’s hallucinations. So maybe, there is still another way to give his character a chance to return.

With the series down to its last few episodes, official confirmation–or denial–on John’s possible return will surface soon enough. The Vampire Diaries airs every Friday in The CW.

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Not Just Elena, The Vampire Diaries Finale Brings Back This Character Too

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