New Show Related to Scandal Season 6 Debuts For The Super Fans

Scandal Season 6
Scandal's Kerry Washington

Super fans of the Shonda Rhimes political drama series now have the added benefit of an after show to recap every fascinating detail. Get to know the latest commentary for Scandal season 6.

Scandal season 6 now has a Scandal Superfan Recap: Gladiators Don’t Run after show. It is for the true megafan of the TV series, Variety writes.

It will air live on People/Entertainment Weekly Network, Pen for short, which is Time Inc.’s free streaming service. The initial episode starts after the Scandal season 6 premiere happening on January 26 at 11 p.m.

Details of the New Show about Scandal Season 6

Interestingly, Scandal Superfan Recap: Gladiators Don’t Run has no connection with the ABC network. It is also not partners with the showrunner/creator Shonda Rhimes.

Nonetheless, super fans of the series would likely appreciate the show. Moreover, it creates the opportunity to actively participate in discussions with others who have a high regard for Scandal season 6 characters and plot.

“We wanted to do a show that lets them be a participant,” Time Inc.’s Style and Entertainment Group executive producer JJ Miller said. Miller added that the tone of Scandal season 6 is highly relevant in today’s political landscape. “We want to find superfans, people who from the beginning have been writing blogs about ‘Scandal,’” Miller also said.

The show also teamed up with Burst, the mobile video platform. Thus, super fans have the opportunity to send in their video commentaries. In addition, viewers can engage with the show via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Meet the Host of Scandal Superfan Recap: Gladiators Don’t Run

Entertainment Weekly reports that hosting duties of the Scandal Superfan Recap: Gladiators Don’t Run series fall upon the shoulders of Laura Coates. Not only is she a bestselling author, a former federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice, and legal analyst, but she is also a super fan of Scandal.

The conversation promises to be lively. Each week, Coates will break down each episode plot including the fashion of Scandal season 6 with the help of experts. In particular, be ready to hear the opinions of writers and editors from People and Entertainment Weekly.

Are you ready for Scandal Superfan Recap: Gladiators Don’t Run after Scandal season 6 episodes? Let us know your thoughts about the new series in the comments below.

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Image source: Facebook/ScandalABC

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New Show Related to Scandal Season 6 Debuts For The Super Fans

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