New Girl Season 6 Recap: Jess and Reagan’s Friendship Shines

New Girl Season 6
Zooey Deschanel Lee Burchfield / Flickr cc

In the latest episode of New Girl season 6, the friendship of Jessica “Jess” Christopher Day and Reagan was once again highlighted. What could be the latest journey of their closeness?

Airing on a new timeslot, the relationship of the characters of Zooey Deschanel and Megan Fox was brought to a new height as well.

As they drank the night away, Nicholas “Nick” Miller (Jake Johnson) was around. Did he finally know that his ex still has feelings for him? Find out in the New Girl season 6 episode 11 recap below.

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The Girls Get Drunk

While the girls enjoyed their drinking session, Reagan blurted out, “A lot of secrets came out last night, didn’t they?” Jess then responded saying, “Secrets?”

Amid her fear of unintentionally spilling the beans in the episode called “Raisin’s Back,” the focus on the Jess-Nick tandem suddenly shifted to that of Reagan and Nick, AV Club reported.

The last New Girl episode had fans seeing Reagan and Nick got into an exchange of words. The former insisted that her life had to undergo a different turn since Nick allegedly “rearranged” her life by moving “across the country” with him. Meanwhile, Nick for his part quipped, “You came from Seattle, pal. That’s down.”

Following this statement, Reagan fought back saying, “Are you a cartographer now?”

With how their conversation went, it can be noted that they were both speaking in codes, as if trying to hide the real scenario. Are they planning to get back in each other’s arms?

Amid the situation, the report surmised that the resolution to the story of Nick and Reagan is “more logical and better earned, but no less touching”. In the meantime, the image of Nick and Jess behind the steel gate reportedly sends a “something poignant” idea.

Reacting to the New Girl recap of TV Line, certain fans aired their dislike towards the actress portraying Reagan. “I dislike her because she’s not good and doesn’t bring anything to the show,” a certain Helen wrote. “She’s only going to be in for eight episodes, so let’s cover our noses and try to make it through it,” Aly reacted about the New Girl season 6 latest recap.

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New Girl Season 6 Recap: Jess and Reagan’s Friendship Shines

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