New Girl Season 6 Episodes 12, 13 and 14 Synopsis: Series Has a Lot in Store for Fans

New Girl Season 6

New Girl Season 6 episode 11 saw Nick trying to keep things as normal and cool as possible when Reagan moves in with him. The series returned on January 3 following a holiday break. It also started airing in a new timeslot.

The New Girl Season 6 episode 12 has been titled The Cubicle and Fox has recently dropped a synopsis for the upcoming episode.

Season 6 Has a Lot in Store for Fans

According to the description by Fox (via Spoilers Guide), episode 12  will see Jess insisting on paying Robby’s medical bill. However, after she learns about the total, Jess is taken aback and does what she can to help pay off the amount.

Meanwhile, Cece tries to give her modeling agency a successful start with the help of Schmidt and Winston. But, all doesn’t go as what she thought it would be and is seriously disappointed when her first client attempts to change career paths. Elsewhere, Reagan holds up reading the new novel by Nick, the same site reported.

The Cubicle will air on January 10.

Episode 12 is followed by Cece’s Boys, will air on Fox on January 17. According to the official synopsis, Jess will discover she has real problems in decision making, as she tries to find a new vice-principal.

In the meantime, Cece involves Jess and Reagan in finding her new models. Moreover, while the guys enjoy their day at the spa, they are least aware of the surprise awaiting them.

Episode 14 is scheduled to air on Fox on January 24. It has been titled The Hike and revolves around a day Jess and Robby go on a hike. The duo discovers an unexpected element about their relationship.

On the other hand, while Cece and Schmidt mess up things with their new neighbors, Aly gets a surprise homecoming party from Winston.

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Episode 11 Recap: Nick Nervous About Reagan’s Arrival

In episode 11 od New Girl Season 6, Nick was visibly nervous at Reagan’s arrival, however, he asked the other guys to stay calm. On the first day of their living together Nick leaves Regan with Jess, who could not remember the secrets that were revealed on their ladies’ night. Cece, however, reminded her that Reagan spoke of a secret apartment to her, the International Business Times reported.

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New Girl Season 6 Episodes 12, 13 and 14 Synopsis: Series Has a Lot in Store for Fans

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