NCIS Season 14: Michael Weatherly Misses Show; Mark Harmon May Quit

NCIS Season 14
NCIS Season 14

The hit TV series, NCIS season 14 continues to air but it is being said that Mark Harmon would quit the show. Michael Weatherly, another cast member who had parted from the show, admitted that he misses working on it.

A report from TV Line, suggested that the former cast member who left the hit TV series, misses being a part of it. NCIS season 14 has a lot of guest appearances from famous stars, but fans feel that no one can replace Michael Weatherly.

Michael Weatherly Misses the NCIS Cast and Audience

The publication indicated that Weatherly’s Anthony DiNozzo has still retained a special place in the heart of the audience. “I miss the people and smiles, the laughter.”

Weatherly had also been asked if he regrets leaving the hit TV show. Although, Weatherly admits that he misses the show, the actor felt that he needed to move on from it. “It was a full circle and I felt ready to move on, and that has definitely been the case. I have no remorse or misgivings about what went down.”

He also stated that Sasha Alexander gets the credit when it comes to Weatherly’s history with his wife, Bojana. Alexander purportedly taught Weatherly how to pronounce the name of Bojana.

“It is true, Sasha [who is also Serbian] taught me among other things how to say Bojana’s name, which is a pretty big thing, “putting the emphasis on the first syllable,” he said.

Weatherly even unveiled that he used to joke around with Alexander for mistaking her nationality. He thought she was Czech, Hungarian and even Romanian.

Weatherly stars in Bull season 1, which has premiered last January 3 on CBS network. He plays the role of Dr. Bull in the TV comedy series.

In another report from International Business Times, the site claimed that Mark Harmon could be the next one to leave the hit TV show. Speculations are making rounds that season 14 might be the last part of the show.

Harmon has been suffering from a serious illness and the doctors have reportedly advised him to take rest. His fans are also asking him to take some time off via social media.

However, Mark Harmon is yet to confirm if NCIS season 14 is the last show he would be doing.

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Image Source: Facebook/NCIS

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NCIS Season 14: Michael Weatherly Misses Show; Mark Harmon May Quit

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