NCIS Season 14 Update: Cancellation News Continues; Mark Harmon to Return in Episode 11

NCIS' season 14
NCIS' season 14

Fans of the NCIS season 14 have been wondering if Mark Harmon, who plays a major character named Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the show would leave the TV series after the season ends. But, Harmon will surely be hanging on for quite a long time, since episode 11  focused on his character as Agent Gibbs, while he solves another crime.

The hit TV show, NCIS season 14 returned on January 3 with its first episode this year titled Willoughby. Episode 11 featured agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, together with his team, as they try their best to find new leads and evidences to solve another case.

Season 14 Episode 11 Puts Agent’s Life In Danger

In this episode, an undercover operation of MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves, played by Duane Henry had been compromised. Reeves went undercover, so that  the authorities could be able to apprehend a businessman, who seems to use acts of terror to manipulate the stock market. Unfortunately, the mission goes wrong, which is why they need to find new leads to help them solve the case.

Gibbs and Director Vance played by Rocky Caroll are aware about Reeves’ mission. They watched him do his job, but little do they know that his life might turn around, as he do his task. According to a report from International Business Times, Reeves’s life might be in trouble, as a trailer for the episode shows an agent was injured. A distressed Bishop played by Emily Wickersham looks at the unknown agent, as the latter was seen getting transported to a hospital.

NCIS is one of the longest running police show on TV. The series had been airing for 13 years now and Harmon had been in it ever since it began. However, rumors continue to swirl that he would be leaving NCIS for good.

A report from Inquisitr suggested that the rumor about Harmon’s leaving the show started when the crew of NCIS noticed that the actor seemed to be getting weak. Harmon is purportedly not as sharp as he used to be. However, Harmon is yet to confirm if he will be doing another season or not.

 Season 14, episode 11 premiered on Tuesday, January 3 at 8 p.m. EST on the CBS network.

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Image source: Facebook/NCIS

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NCIS Season 14 Update: Cancellation News Continues; Mark Harmon to Return in Episode 11

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