NCIS New Orleans Tease a Possible Wedding & the Truth Behind Agent Brody’s Return

NCIS New Orleans
NCIS New Orleans

As NCIS New Orleans returns in January, fans will get to witness a number of new developments. This includes uncovering some of FBI Agent Tammy Gregorio’s dark secrets. The first half of the season wrapped up showing Gregorio’s growing attachment to her new colleagues in New Orleans.

The first half of the season also revealed that Agent LaSalle was not the real father of baby Tucker. Moreover, the viewers also got to know that the links to the Ciudad Natal Cartel might have much deeper roots than previously imagined.

NCIS New Orleans Executive Producer Hints What to Expect

According to NCIS New Orleans Executive Producer Brad Kern, the season has two parts, with the first half focusing on the Cartel.

“Ultimately, successfully pushing them away is certainly what the finale is all about,” Kern told TV Guide. Also according to him, the next half of the season will address a number of “deeper wounds” as well.

“The end of the Cartel storyline will hand the baton off to the second half which is going to deal with obviously the Navy, Marines and jurisdictional aspects that affect NCIS,” he said.

While rumors made the rounds about Agent Brody’s return, Kern said it is not going to be anytime soon. The CinemaBlend reported that Agent Brody has been a part of NCIS New Orleans since the beginning.

However, towards the end of Season 2 she made a mistake by trusting a Homeland Security Agent named Agent Russo. She has moved on since and is not going to return in the show.

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NCIS New Orleans Spoilers: Tensions to Settle Between LaSalle and Percy

There are further possibilities for the tensions between LaSalle and Percy to finally come into the light. This could be feasible since that LaSalle has now proven himself to be a great partner and even a father.

“Where that ends up,” Kern said. “I guess the best way to say is, ‘Stay tuned.'” The statement could be indicative of a probable wedding between the two characters.

The Spoiler TV reported that NCIS New Orleans season 3 episode 10 titled Follow the Money, will also see Pride trying to protect a family friend. The friend is reportedly engaged to the number one cartel case suspect by the NCIS and FBI.

NCIS New Orleans will return on CBS Television Network on January 3 at 10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT.

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Photo: Pixabay/ NCIS New Orleans on CBS

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NCIS New Orleans Tease a Possible Wedding & the Truth Behind Agent Brody’s Return

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