NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Miguel Ferrer Last Scene Was a Cliffhanger

NCIS Los Angeles season 8
Miguel Ferrer Facebook/NCISLA

NCIS Los Angeles season 8 veteran actor Miguel Ferrer dies at 61 after losing his battle with cancer. Now that Ferrer is gone, many wonders about the fate of his character, Owen Granger.

Deadline reported about the ongoing mole-hunt in the show’s recent episodes. The plot on who might be the suspect has been NCIS Los Angeles’ latest story arc. And in the previous episode, viewers saw Granger stabbed while in police custody.

With Ferrer’s death, many are now curious on what would be the producers’ and writers’ plan for Granger’s fate. In previous speculations, fans debated whether the character is the mole among the team. Though nothing has been confirmed, many are now convinced that this could lead to showrunners pointing the storyline to him.

Previous speculation on NCIS Los Angeles season 8 and Ferrer’s health

Meanwhile, previous speculation raised that NCIS Los Angeles season 8 seems to be hinting on Ferrer’s real-life health issues. Heavy reported that the actor’s character already revealed to Hetty that he is currently suffering from a serious illness.

“Listen, nobody gets out of here alive. We both know that. And we should be grateful we’ve had this long,” Granger said.

Granger was seen taking tests in the previous episodes of the show, and from then on, he started having fewer appearances. The cliffhanger of him being stabbed left the character’s fate uncertain.

As of writing, the producers and cast of the show remain mum about what will happen in the upcoming episodes of the series. What is known so far is the synopsis for the upcoming episode:

“Hetty goes rogue, leaving the NCIS team completely in the dark, and the mole kidnaps one of the agents.”

On the other hand, with this sad news, his fans and co-stars unite to say goodbye for him. Jake Austin, Robe Lowe, and Ian Buchanan are just some of the celebrities who mourns for his passing.

Jake Austin said, “I worked with Miguel Ferrer in a new Justice League film and he was such an amazingly talented man and actor. He will be deeply missed.”

Meanwhile, Rob Lowe offered, “Shocked and sad to hear Miguel Ferrer passed today. He was lovely, worked with him on The Stand. Prayers to his family.”

Finally, Ian Buchanan said, “I’m deeply saddened at the passing of Miguel Ferrer. Good night kind sir.”

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Image Source: Facebook/NCISLA

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NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Miguel Ferrer Last Scene Was a Cliffhanger

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