NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 16: Miguel Ferrer Tribute, Owen Granger Farewell

Miguel Ferrer Tribute on NCISLA
CBS / NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 16, titled Old Tricks, airs this Sunday, March 5, on CBS. In this week’s new episode, the cast and crew of NCIS LA honor the late actor Miguel Ferrer with a special song, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. This is Owen Granger’s last episode in the series.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers from the broadcasted episodes of NCIS Los Angeles Season 8. The series went on a short break after airing its 15th episode of NCIS LA Season 8 on Feb. 19. In NCIS LA 8×15, Owen Granger (Miguel Ferrer) is able to defend himself against a CIA operative who intended to kill him. The same episode does show hope that Granger will be well soon. Miguel Ferrer died at 61 on Jan. 19.

The song Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door will play in NCIS LA 8×16 episode.  This is a music cover of Ferrer’s band, The Jenerators. Fans will appreciate Ferrer’s vocals on NCIS LA. Ferrer, a renowned drummer before focusing on acting, was also known for his stellar performances in the original RoboCopCrossing Jordan and Twin Peaks.

NCIS Los Angeles 8×16: Callen’s Dad Garrison Returns

“After a retirement home resident is kidnapped, the NCIS team uncover a pair of con artists: Ginger and Edward O’Boyle, who hop from home to home scamming the elderly out of their money,” reads the CBS episode synopsis of NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 16. From this, it seems it will be an ordinary NCIS LA episode. “Meanwhile, Callen confronts his father on his illegal activity and the danger it places on their family,” the synopsis ends. It makes no mention of any development on Assistant NCIS Director Granger’s condition.

Debra Jo Rupp and Martin Mull are joining NCIS LA 8×16 episode as guest stars. They play the role of con artists Ginger and Edward O’Boyle. Daniel J. Travanti also returns as Garrison, Special Agent G Callen’s father.

This week’s new episode comes after the conclusion of Kensi Blye’s (Daniela Ruah) abduction. Sullivan a.k.a. CIA Officer Ferris (Kurt Yaeger ) is now dead. Life will be a bit calmer for Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), at least before he learns that Granger is dead gone.

UPDATE: In NCIS LA 8×16, Granger remains alive. In a scene with Linda Hunt’s Hetty, the writers found a beautiful way to keep Granger “gone” but alive. The closing credits of this week’s new episode feature a photo of Miguel Ferrer, a great colleague and dear friend to NCIS family members.

Old Tricks was written by Andrew Bartels and directed by Terrence Nightingall. Episode 17, titled Queen Pin, is the next episode to air on the long-running CBS series. The CBS synopsis says Bar Paly is part of this episode as Anastasia “Anna” Kolcheck.

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NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 16: Miguel Ferrer Tribute, Owen Granger Farewell

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