NBC Reportedly Cancelled Law and Order SVU Spinoff

Law and Order SVU Spinoff
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The Law and Order SVU spinoff is reportedly under the draft box until now as the production team decided to let it go, at least for awhile. NBC president Jennifer Salke explained the reason why it was put on hold.

Developing spinoffs for long-running television series are usual among TV networks. However, cancelling it all of a sudden is also common. One of the latest spinoffs that is reportedly cancelled is NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Though some avid followers already expected this, there are fans who are still hoping for the new franchise. They are still wondering why NBC decided to pull off the project that has been under development since last year.

Here’s why Law and Order SVU Spinoff was put on hold

According to Cinema Blend, the reason comes from the latest heated situation on where the story is based from. With controversy among government officials and the FBI, it is hard for the show to continue. This alone leads to its momentary cancellation.

In Salke’s interview with Deadline, she noted that “things are changing within the FBI.” She added, “I would say that that spinoff has taken a back seat and the Menendez Brothers has been accelerated, so we are more focused on that.”

However, the spinoff is not shelved forever. The site noted that since the Dick Wolf put a lot of effort into it, it would be a waste to just forget and scrap it.

Salke confirms that she and Wolf with the team will look into the Law and Order SVU spinoff story after five months and will eventually decide to pick it up again. On the other hand, Salke said they might add another character in SVU for Mariska.

“We probably are going to plant a character who is going to be a love interest for Mariska who could or could not be part of a spinoff if we end up doing it.” It remains to be seen how the spinoff progresses in the future.

Law and Order: SVU airs Wednesday nights, 9 p.m. Meanwhile, stay tuned in case any updates about the spinoff surface.

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Image Source: Facebook/LawandOrderSVU 

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NBC Reportedly Cancelled Law and Order SVU Spinoff

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