My Kitchen Rules Season 8 Features an Epic Fish Disaster

My Kitchen Rules season 8
My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules season 8 featured a first on the reality TV series Down Under. Yet the record-breaking feat was not appetizing at all.

It was the West Australian team’s turn to impress their competition and the judges. Indeed, Josh and Amy Meeuwissen bragged early on about their ability to dish out the best fish and chips.

Alas, it became an epic fish disaster for the My Kitchen Rules season 8 couple. It would appear everything that could go wrong did. Moreover, it sent one of their rival contestants to the toilet to let it all out.

Josh and Amy’s Misadventure on My Kitchen Rules Season 8

The episode of Josh and Amy’s seafood disaster will undoubtedly be one of the memorable moments of My Kitchen Rules season 8. The West Australians seemed to have everything planned. Indeed, their confidence at what they planned to serve was overwhelming.

Amy once said that she does not order fish and chips at a restaurant because they “do such a good job of it.” Meanwhile, Josh also said the following:

“When it comes to preparing and cooking seafood, I’d say I’d beat a five-star chef. We’re here to put Broome in the map – we’re going to show Australia what we’re about.”

Yet things quickly went wrong at the very start with their chorizo-stuffed squid entree. They received a brutal verdict for it from their fellow My Kitchen Rules season 8 contestant. However, the couple remained optimistic with their fish and chips main course.

Then again, it did not seem to be their night at all. My Kitchen Rules season 8 judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel were unforgiving with their comments. As per Manu, the tartare sauce was nowhere close to what it should be while Evans labeled it a tragedy.

Highlight of the Evening

The final blow for Josh and Amy came when Alyse Jenner had to leave the table. Apparently, she needed to run to the toilet and vomit after eating the fish and chips, as per a report from

However, The Sydney Morning Herald reveals Josh and Amy might not be entirely at fault for her spew. As it turns out, Alyse gets sick from eating too much seafood.

In light of what happened, the West Australian couple still managed to salvage the evening with their dessert. They made it through even though the Cape Brandy pudding looked a bit like vomit with its color and consistency.

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Image source: Facebook/My Kitchen Rules

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My Kitchen Rules Season 8 Features an Epic Fish Disaster

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