More Juicy Details Revealed for the X-Men TV Series 2017

X-Men TV Series 2017

Fox ordered a pilot for the X-Men TV series 2017 last Tuesday. With Matt Nix on board for the series, the untitled Marvel show will feature mutant characters from the comics.

According to Variety, the X-Men TV series 2017 will focus on a couple who discover that their children are mutants. They are forced to go on the run and hide from a hostile government. Soon they will join an underground group of mutants as they fight to survive.

On Nix’s involvement, Marvel TV Chief Jeph Loeb has only good things to say about the latter’s involvement in the upcoming show.

“Matt [Nix] is a huge fan of X-Men and his take on X-Men, with its rich characters and high-stakes adventure, is exactly the show we want on Fox,” Loeb previously said in an interview.

This new show only comes second in using the X-Men narrative. The first series who takes inspiration from Marvel’s X-Men world is Legion, which debuts on February 8.

The aforementioned source reported that Fox’s new project is much closer than Legion to the X-Men mythos. In addition, in the site’s exclusive interview with Noah Hawley, he added that having “a lot of alt universes” allowed him some leeway.

“…and obviously it’s a sort of origin story for David, but none of the other characters that I’ve surrounded him with are from the comics. It’s sort of an invented world,” Hawley said.

Fox and FX already got a deal with Marvel. Meaning to say, this second X-Men-based series might not be the last show inspired by this world.

Matt Nix on X-Men TV Series 2017

Meanwhile, Nix, an American writer, producer, and director, has been very vocal when it comes to giving updates about the upcoming untitled Marvel series. The latter revealed his plans and hopes for the new show in his interview with IGN.

Nix revealed that having 12 or 13 episodes is the goal for the upcoming series “because it’s heavily serialized.” This will help with the story’s coherence.

“We want to be able to tell a coherent story. It’s just so much harder if you don’t know when it ends.”

Nix also revealed that they will once again use some characters from the X-Men universe. However, there are also instances that he will be creating new ones.

“Other characters I’m inventing but everything is invented with a nod to the existing mythology, if that makes sense.”

As of writing, no other updates have been revealed. Bryan Singer, Lauren Shuler Donner, Jim Chory, Simon Kinberg, and Jeph Loeb are on board to executive produce this X-Men TV series.

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More Juicy Details Revealed for the X-Men TV Series 2017

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