Modern Family Season 8 Spoilers: Gloria Hires a Coach Who Will Make Jay Feel Very Inadequate

Modern Family season 8 spoilers
Modern Family

The latest Modern Family season 8 spoilers reveal the entry of Coach Gary into the Pritchett household. However, Jay does not seem too happy with him.

As it turns out, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) hired Coach Gary (Peyton Manning) to help teach baby Joe (Jeremy Maguire) how to throw a ball. However, it would appear he is also helpful around the house.

In the teaser for Modern Family season 8 episode 13 titled Do It Yourself posted by Entertainment Weekly, Jay (Ed O’Neill) and Coach Gary (Peyton Manning) meet up in the kitchen. However, their encounter does not appear pleasant for Jay.

Modern Family Season 8 Spoilers Show Jay Threaten Coach Gary

Apparently, Jay does not share Gloria’s delight at Coach Gary’s handiness. Yet if it makes him feel inadequate, Jay seems intent to show them otherwise.

Perhaps to prove himself capable, Jay threatens to knock out Coach Gary after the latter surprised him from under the counter. However, it would appear his own wife doubts him. Indeed, considering Gary’s size it might be impossible.

Yet it would appear his size was not the only detail upsetting Jay. As it turns out, the coach is quite a handyman. As Gary explained, he is not afraid of heights and he has big hands so either task was not a problem to him.

The coach ably fixed the drawer Jay was supposed to do. In addition, he also cleaned out the gutter which was a chore Gloria hoped her husband would get done.

“It’s like the guy was trying to steal my life. I wish he’d shown up when I was married to Deedee, I would have made him a key,” Jay said to the cameras in retrospect of his encounter with Coach Gary.

Peyton Manning Plays Coach Gary

Modern Family season 8 spoilers reveal Coach Gary is none other than Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning. Apparently, this is the first time the former footballer will appear as a character other than himself.

As it turns out, he is quite comfortable with comedy as he has done a number of television appearances before as himself. He once hosted Saturday Night Live.

Manning also took part in The Comedy Central Roast for Rob Lowe. In addition, he guested on The Simpsons and the Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris, according to

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Image source: Facebook/Modern Family

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Modern Family Season 8 Spoilers: Gloria Hires a Coach Who Will Make Jay Feel Very Inadequate

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