The Mist TV Series Will Shape Up as a Cousin of the Book

The Mist TV series
The Mist on Spike

Fans wondering how The Mist TV series will fit with the novel’s original narrative and the movie version can now have some answers. It will be related enough but not very similar to the book and film treatment.

For the uninitiated, the story originates from Stephen King’s novella of the same name. Published in 1980, the story first appeared in the book Dark Forces. It later became part of King’s Skeleton Crew collection released in 1985.

Years later in 2007, Frank Darabont adapted the novella for the big screen. A bulk of the film has been loyal to the source material. However, the director opted for a different ending–making the film’s final act more tragic than its literary basis.

Last year, Spike announced it was adapting the material for television. The Mist TV series eyes a release date later in 2017.

How will The Mist TV series be different

The recent Television Critics Association’s winter previews paved the way for revelations about the series. An obvious deviation of the TV show comes in the form of its setting. It won’t focus on people trapped in the supermarket.

JoBlo quotes the following character descriptions, “Alyssa Sutherland will play a mother who gets trapped in a mall with her daughter and her daughter’s rapist; Morgan Spector will play the father of Sutherland’s daughter who is stuck in a different location from the rest of his family.”

“Okezie Morro will play a man with amnesia struggling to find allies and Frances Conroy will play a woman whose ideas regarding the origin of the monstrous mist will lead to great conflict within her small community of survivors,” the description continues.

The location of these characters is one indication of how different things will be for the series. In both the novella and the movie, being trapped in the supermarket emerged as the characters’ main source of conflict.

However, it appears the show will bombard the characters with different struggles. Will they face an uncertain future like the survivors in the book? Or will these people meet a tragic end like in the film?

Spike will air The Mist TV series premiere on June 22 at 10 p.m. Aside from The Mist, King’s works recently adapted for TV include Under the Dome and 11.22.63.

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Image Source: Spike

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The Mist TV Series Will Shape Up as a Cousin of the Book

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