Million Dollar Extreme Canceled After One Season; Here Is What We Know

Million Dollar Extreme
Million Dollar Extreme

Million Dollar Extreme: World Peace will not be coming back for another season. No reason has been given for its cancelation, however. The show has been controversial for its alt-right leanings. Meanwhile, several bands that have been featured on the show have distanced themselves from it.

TV Series Finale has reported that Adult Swim canceled the sketch comedy series after just one season. It has been confirmed that the show will not be picked up, and no details were given as to why it was axed. There are even reports claiming that the network has refused to discuss the show at all and the reasons behind its cancelation.

What Went Wrong with Million Dollar Extreme?

The 15-minute sketch show premiered on Adult Swim in August and ran for six episodes. However, it generated quite the controversy over its alleged promotion of alt-right teachings. One of the show’s creators, Sam Hyde, is even an outspoken member of the movement that pushes for white nationalism.

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Aside from that, it was also revealed that the network’s own standards department found racist messages and symbolism, including swastikas, hidden in code in Million Dollar Extreme. These hidden messages were apparently removed before the episodes were aired. The show has also received a lot of pushbacks and criticisms from Adult Swim’s own employees.

The first rumblings of trouble came when Brett Gelman, a comedian who starred on Adult Swim’s Eagleheart, cut ties with the network over its decision to air Million Dollar Extreme: World Peace and how it treats female artists. Several bands whose music were showcased on the series have also come out to declare that they do not support the beliefs that the show espouses. They further claimed that they were unaware of the series’ values.

Unsurprisingly, the show was a hit among audiences that identified with the alt-right. Even though it has not been confirmed, many believe this to be one of the main reasons for the cancelation of Million Dollar Extreme.

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Photo: Facebook | Adult Swim

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Million Dollar Extreme Canceled After One Season; Here Is What We Know

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