Michael Could Still Return to Jane the Virgin Season 3 Through Many Ways

Jane the Virgin Season 3
Brett Dier

Jane the Virgin season 3 chapter 54 featured the death of Jane’s husband, Michael. Since then, many were sad how such thing could have happened. Actor Brett Dier also seems to be leaving for good after all his farewell messages through social media.

A lot of fans loved his character. That is why there is no surprise if many viewers were heartbroken when Michael’s death happened.

According to Bustle, along with his death came a time jump. Many were not ready to accept that Michael will not be in the next episodes. That is why the earlier mentioned source came up with ideas where he could still return.

After all, lots of unexpected things already happened in the series. The source cited “a face-changing criminal mastermind, an evil twin and a mystically omniscient narrator” as some of the weird elements of the show.

How Michael Can Return to Jane the Virgin Season 3

Michael’s death happened in the simplest way. He dropped dead while he was taking the LSAT test, iTechPost reported. The situation became more painful when Jane was informed about it only through a call.

Therefore, Dier’s role deserves a comeback more than anyone else. Here are the possible ways, as per Bustle:

  1. Michael can still be with Jane as a ghost. He can be someone she can talk to especially when she is missing her ex-husband.
  2. If not as a ghost, it would be awesome to know that he has a twin/doppelganger. Hopefully, this other character is someone who has a positive spirit like Michael.
  3. The most plausible idea is for him to return through flashbacks.
  4. Another interesting possibility is that Michael faked his death. Unfortunately, there is no concrete reason why he would put such pain on Jane’s shoulders.
  5. Meanwhile, an idea also suggested that maybe his death was just Jane’s one big nightmare. The grieving process could all be a dream.
  6. Lastly, one can probably reach out to a magician and turn back time. Obviously, this was a desperate idea for a fan who cannot let go of Michael. However, since the series deals with real life, this is the least possible option.

Despite fans’ protest, Jenny Urman who is the executive producer of the show said that Michael is really dead. The EP shared the following:

“He will definitely be back in flashbacks, but that is it. It is devastating. Whether it is in real-time or flashbacks, I cannot say. But Michael is dead, I will say that.”

The previous reports already revealed that the upcoming episodes pick up three years after the painful event. Her son Mateo will be 4 years old by then. Creators hint that Jane’s life is not going to be what she thought it would be.

Jane the Virgin season 3 episode 12 airs on February 20. The upcoming episodes will reveal how Brett Dier could return.

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Image Source: Facebook/JaneTheVirgin

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Michael Could Still Return to Jane the Virgin Season 3 Through Many Ways

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