MasterChef’s Gordon Ramsay Has Two New Cooking Series and One Late Night Show

MasterChef's Gordon Ramsay
MasterChef's Gordon Ramsay

The television show empire of MasterChef’s Gordon Ramsay continues to expand. The celebrity chef is back in ITV and has inked a new deal with the network for two new cooking series and one late night show.

The chef first launched his Hell’s Kitchen show with the UK TV giant more than a decade ago. Ramsay’s own Studio Ramsay is set to produce the new daytime cookery series and a documentary show.

The cooking show, titled Culinary Genius, will run for 20 episodes–each being an hour long. The episodes will air for four weeks. Each one will feature nine amateur cooks competing in several challenges to take home a cash prize and the title of Culinary Genius.

Ramsay will appear in the show’s first week, alongside a different guest professional chef. A host is expected to be named soon, Variety noted. The cooking show is scheduled to premiere later this year.

“It’s a high-octane show held at a Thunderdome-style arena, with the audience sitting in anticipation as nine people with knives enter the octagon,” Ramsay told Deadline. The nine cooks will be trimmed down to six and then three. The Top 3 will battle it out in a 30-minute cook-off in the finale.

Ramsay revealed that there is already interest in the Culinary Genius format in the US. The upcoming cooking show is not part of the chef’s deal with Fox, which includes his current series Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, MasterChef Jr., and his upcoming show, The F Word.

The television renowned chef will also star in a still-untitled primetime documentary series. It will start filming this year. Both Culinary Genius and the documentary series will be distributed by All3media International.

MasterChef’s Gordon Ramsay as Late Night Show Host

In addition to the new entries, Ramsay will appear for one week on ITV as guest host for its The Nightly ShowThe network’s new 30-minute weeknight entertainment series will run five nights a week for eight weeks.

The Nightly Show will also feature different big-name hosts each week. It will air at 10 p.m.

Ramsay confessed to Deadline that he is a big fan of American late-night TV shows such as James Corden’s Late Late Show and Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. When asked if he would plan to pursue a full-time career in late night shows, the chef replied positively.

“Talk show is something I’ve always have been interested in. One day, when I am done with food, it is something I would like to do. I love being relevant, tackling cutting-edge stuff,” MasterChef’s Gordon Ramsay said.

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Image Source: Instagram/Gordon Ramsay

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MasterChef’s Gordon Ramsay Has Two New Cooking Series and One Late Night Show

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