Want to Be Part of Marvel’s The Inhumans Cast? Here’s How

Marvel's The Inhumans
Marvel's The Inhumans

Marvel’s The Inhumans is reportedly looking for extras to play aliens in the upcoming TV series. Do you have what it takes to be one of them?

Production for Marvel’s The Inhumans starts in March and intends to premiere on September 26. Consequently, the tight schedule led to fears about casting.

However, reports about major character breakdowns for Marvel’s The Inhumans cast would show the production is making good use of its time.

Marvel’s The Inhumans Casting Needs

According to Screen Rant, the production is in need of extras to play the role of aliens in Marvel’s The Inhumans. Their criteria are quite specific. Moreover, those interested should preferably live in Oahu.

“Identical Twins 10-40yrs old – Little People – Very Tall People 6’4 and Taller – People with Crazy and Colorful Hair Styles – Body Builders – And Folks From an Indian Ancestry!”

Ohana Casting posted the casting call on its Facebook page under the working title Project Next. Admittedly, the description does not offer anything extraordinary about the likely plot for Marvel’s The Inhumans. Indeed, the presence of aliens in the story is expected. However, it does present fans the once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So, anyone who matches any of the given criterions should send their photograph and contact details to ohanacasting@gmail.com. Who knows, you could be working alongside one of the members of the Royal Family.

Another Marvel’s The Inhumans Cast Rumor

Previously, actress Elysia Rotaru (Arrow) and social media activity led to rumors about her appearance in the Inhumans TV series. Consequently, it raised speculation about her likely role as Medusa.

While confirmation about her part has yet to be announced, it would appear another actress and her social media movements have raised interest once again. This time around, the attention is on actress Eliana Jones (Nikita, Hemlock Grove). Apparently, Jones started to follow the official accounts of Marvel and the Inhumans on Twitter recently.

Then again, like Rotaru, it also could be possible that Jones is simply a fan of the upcoming TV series. Hence, her choice to follow both Twitter accounts. Nonetheless, speculation as to which role she might play naturally came up.

According to Comic Book Movie, it is possible Jones could be Crystal. Interestingly, the character is the younger sister of Medusa, the rumored role of Rotaru. However, since the setting for the TV series is in Attilan it is not likely Crystal would be tutoring Inhumans on earth at this time.

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Image source: Marvel Universe Wiki/Crystal

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Want to Be Part of Marvel’s The Inhumans Cast? Here’s How

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