Marvel’s Inhumans Characters List Reveals Seven Series Regulars

Marvel's Inhumans

The identities of Marvel’s Inhumans characters for its forthcoming TV series might be known already. Production for the Marvel’s Inhumans TV show appears to be in full throttle. It was only last December when news of its transition from the big screen to the small screen came out.

Further updates revealed production would start in March. This is in time for its scheduled premiere in September.

Thus, it raised concerns about casting in such a short amount of time. Indeed, the lineup of characters would be a major task to fill in.

Marvel’s Inhumans Casting News

Apparently, production is not wasting time with casting. The YouTube channel That Hashtag Show recently came out with a video talking about it. Moreover, they revealed character breakdowns of seven series regulars for the upcoming TV show.

As explained, the character breakdowns are part of the new call sheet for Marvel’s Inhumans. A fake name accompanies each description for confidentiality.

However, comic book fans could possibly piece together their identities. Then again, eagle-eyed CBR noticed the fake names also start with the same letter of each character’s identity.

Seven Marvel’s Inhumans Character Revealed

Fans can expect seven key characters to appear in the Marvel’s Inhumans TV series. Interestingly, the list confirms the rumor about the show’s focus on the Royal Family.

The list starts with a character named Broderick whose description points to Black Bolt. He is the leader of the Inhumans at the same time he heads the Royal Family. He tends to keep silent, as his power is his voice. Apparently, even the slightest whisper is a serious threat.

Marjorie reportedly describes Medusa, Black Bolt’s wife. She serves as his advisor. Black Bolt’s brother Maximus is possibly Marty. His character is reminiscent of Loki.

Karnak, Black Bolt’s cousin and younger brother of Triton, fits the description of Kevin. Described as a master strategist, he can discern the weakness in anything.

His brother Triton is Timothy who apparently requires SFXMU. Medusa’s younger sister Crystal is possibly Christine. She has power over the elements. The horse-legged Gorgon is likely Grady.

Notably, fans comment on the absence of Lockjaw on the list. Still, given there’s no confirmation these seven are indeed from the Royal Family, best to take it with a grain of salt.

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Image source: Facebook/Marvel

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Marvel’s Inhumans Characters List Reveals Seven Series Regulars

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