Marvel’s Inhumans Casts Leader of the Royal Family

Marvel's Inhumans
Anson Mount

The Marvel’s Inhumans cast is growing. From casting the role of the big baddie, it has now chosen Anson Mount to play the leader of the Royal Family.

Marvel’s Inhumans is picking up the pace. Possibly, because earlier reports revealed production on the new superhero TV show starts this March. Moreover, it has a premiere set to launch in September.

In keeping with its schedule for Marvel’s Inhumans 2017, the series announced Hell on Wheels star Anson Mount will play the role of Black Bolt. Apparently, his character appears to be just as complex as the part of Iwan Rheon who was earlier cast as Maximus.

Anson Mount Joins Marvel’s Inhumans Cast as Black Bolt

The role of Black Bolt is no doubt complex as one of the character’s powers limits his ability for speech. His powers include super strength and the ability to fly.

Yet it is his hyper sonic voice which forces him to remain silent. As it turns out, even his slightest whisper can lead to mass destruction, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Hence, finding the right actor to play the part required someone who could express Black Bolt’s complexity without uttering a single word. It appears Mount fits the bill perfectly.

Hence, the excitement of showrunner Scott Buck and Marvel TV Head Jeph Loeb for the actor to join the Marvel’s Inhumans cast. Loeb expressed:

“Anson loves the challenge of playing a character who will only communicate silently. His enthusiasm mixed with his imposing almost regal persona made it easy to see why he is our Black Bolt.”

Earlier rumors connected to previous plans of Marvel Studios to bring Inhumans to the big screen teased Vin Diesel in the role.

Meet Marvel’s Inhumans Black Bolt

As the leader of the Royal Family and the lead star of Marvel’s Inhumans, it appears Mount has big shoes to fill. As it turns out, Black Bolt is the most prominent Inhuman from the comic books. He earned this status even though his real name Blackagar Boltagon sounds a bit funny.

As mentioned, he generally stays silent because of his powerful voice. He reportedly communicates telepathically with his wife Medusa who relays his thoughts for him. However, there might be a chance for TV audiences to hear him speak.

Apparently, comic book writers sometimes come up with cheats to let him do so. Chances are the Marvel’s Inhumans might do the same, the A.V. Club pointed out. If so, then he might have more to say when he encounters Maximus The Mad (Iwan Rheon) rather than just have a constant scowl on his face.

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Image source: Facebook/Anson Mount

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Marvel’s Inhumans Casts Leader of the Royal Family

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