Married at First Sight Stars Zoe Hendrix, Deborah RevealTheir Struggles

Married at First Sight
Married at First Sight

Zoe Hendrix, of Married at First Sight, revealed in an image posted on Instagram that she is down with flu. The image also featured her eight-week-old daughter on the lap.

The 27-year-old mother saluted all the parents out there who manage to look after their kids despite their own health conditions.

Married At First Sight Star Joe Hendrix Shares Candid Image

Hendrix gave birth to her daughter in mid-November and since then she has been sharing rather candid pictures of parenthood. On Thursday, she took to Instagram to post an image of herself lying on the bed in a white t-shirt. She also had a pair of headphones on while she nursed her eight-week-old at the same time.

“SICK AS a flea bitten dog in the backstreets of Bali. Except I’m not in Bali I’m in bed with a temp of 39, sore throat, body aches and an 8 week old,” Zoe wrote in the caption. “I salute all you mums/dads with chronic and serious illness who get up everyday and push through the pain and take care of your kids. this s**t is hard.”

The post followed another candid post by Hendrix that showed her nursing, the Mail Online reported. She revealed in the long caption accompanying the photo that both she and Harper, her daughter, had to learn the art of attachment and it was not easy. She added that there were days when she felt like giving up.

Deborah’s Family and Friend Left Out From Guest List

Former model, Deborah said that her decision to be in the upcoming fourth season of Married at First Sight, have upset some of her family members and friends. Hence, she was forced not to include a few names on her guest list.

She said that the decision caused a lot of conflict in the family. The Fix reported that this resulted in a gap between Deborah and some of her close friends and family members.

She added that they rejected her because of their moral values and may be for religious beliefs and also due to a dislike for the show.

Deborah, 53, has not been married even once in her life nor has kids. Her successful modeling career sidetracked her to an extent. According to her, the modeling agencies would not allow them to get pregnant.

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Image Source: Instagram/ Zoe Hendrix

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Married at First Sight Stars Zoe Hendrix, Deborah RevealTheir Struggles

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