Mandy Moore Reveals A Walk to Remember Reunion

A Walk to Remember Reunion
A Walk to Remember Reunion

More boxes of Kleenex were spent as Mandy Moore teased A Walk to Remember reunion with Shane West. Learn the details here.

Moore’s remark brings back the memories of Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter’s love story. The film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel has been one of the most romantic movies of all time.

On the 15th anniversary of the movie, Moore revealed that she is working with West to have a reunion with the rest of the cast. In an Ask Me Anything conversation on Twitter, the singer/actress was asked about a potential future reunion between her and co-star Shane West.

“We’re working on it!” Mandy Moore replied. West, who also participated in the conversation, added the reunion is not a bad idea at all. When another fan brought up the movie DVD, West said, “I remember the commentary being pretty fun. Doing it over again would be a blast.”

The Possibility of A Walk to Remember Reunion

A sequel is quite impossible since Jaime died at the end of the movie. However, a cast reunion is very workable at this time. In fact, director Adam Shankman, Moore, and West recently had their A Walk to Remember reunion during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

In the interview, Moore and West recalled their memorable scenes and how the movie had an impact on their lives and careers. The This is Us star was only 16 at the time while West was 23 years old.

Both actors agreed that their chemistry helped in the success of the movie. West admitted that he would have had a hard time doing the film if it was with a different actress. The actor explained that their differences in real life were so parallel to their characters on screen.

Moore added their chemistry was not all make believe. She added a part of her felt Jamie’s love to Landon in real life.

A Walk to Remember follows the life of a troubled high school teen, Landon. When he is forced to participate in the school play, he met the play star, Jamie.

The conservative teen is the daughter of the town’s local pastor. When Jamie finally revealed to Landon that she is dying of leukemia, they live the rest of her life completing her bucket list.

A Walk to Remember premiered in 2002 and it garnered over $49 million at the box office. Since then, Moore and West went on to star in different films and TV shows.

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Image Source: Facebook/WalkToRememberMovie

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Mandy Moore Reveals A Walk to Remember Reunion

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