Man Seeking Woman Season 3 Spoilers: Josh Greenberg to Face Toughest Challenge

Man Seeking Woman Season 3
Man Seeking Woman Season 3

A few days from now, the fans of the funny, romantic TV series, Man Seeking Woman will be returning for its season 3. The addictive comedy  show will be coming back on FFX after  its previous two successful seasons.

ScreenCrush recently unveiled that this  comedy TV series will be premiering season 3 soon. The trailer for the same has been released, which looks exciting for the fans.

 Season 3 Synopsis Unveiled

The synopsis of the season 3 has been revealed by the outlet and states, “Man Seeking Woman is back with a surreal new season about the life-and-death stakes of dating. Josh Greenberg played by Jay Baruchel has battled a lot in his quest for love (flesh-eating monsters, homicidal aliens). But this season will see him face his toughest challenge yet: a serious, long-term relationship. Together, Josh and Lucy played by Katie Findlay will take on anniversaries, merging friend groups, ruthless drug lords, friendly forest creatures, student loans and even God himself. In order to make it, they will have to work together and learn to live their lives as a team.”

The hit TV show was adapted from the Simon Rich’s book, The Last Girlfriend on Earth. The upcoming season will also be having new cast added like Mark Moses and Julie White.

In the meantime, Screener suggested that people must start watching season 1 and 2 of  the Jay Baruchel-starring romantic-comedy TV adaptation. His nerdy character had been compared to the characters in The Big Bang Theory, as these characters are seeking out for connection and acceptance in the life of the people they love.

In season 1, Baruchel’s character dealt with different threats including Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler and a monster named, Tanaka. In season 2, his character was seen fighting the struggles and tries to be successful in life. Fans can now catch up on  the show’s season 1 and 2, as these are streaming on Hulu.

Fortunately, in season 3, he will be settling down with his new girlfriend named Lucy. The two reportedly share the same life, as both’s life is odd.

Man Seeking Woman season 3 starring Jay Baruchel will be returning on the small screens on Wednesday, January 4 on FXX network.

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Image Source: Facebook/Man Seeking Woman

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Man Seeking Woman Season 3 Spoilers: Josh Greenberg to Face Toughest Challenge

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