Man Seeking Woman Season 3 Premiere Recap: Josh And Lucy Face Roommates

Man Seeking Woman Season 3 Premiere

Here’s the recap of Man Seeking Woman season 3 premiere featuring Josh’ serious relationship with new found girlfriend Lucy. In the premiere episode, Josh and Lucy are facing the latter’s annoyed housemates.

In season 3, Lucy, played by new cast Katie Findlay, will be dealing with her roommates who hate having Josh (Jay Baruchel) in their apartment. They were even dubbed as a couple who never goes out and just binge watch television shows.

Man Seeking Woman Season 3 Premiere Shows Josh Being Hated by Lucy’s Housemates

When Josh was evicted by Lucy’s housemates whom they called as the “screening board,” they eventually decided to move in together. “Are you sure you want to move in with me?” Josh asked Lucy in front of her housemates. Lucy then answered without hesitation, “Yeah!”

Josh and Lucy have been together for a month before they decided to move in together. It can be recalled that in the past two seasons, Man Seeking Woman’s Josh has been chasing girls so he could get laid. Josh’ friends, and even his sister.

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Season 3 Welcomes Katie Findlay

In an interview with Katie Findlay by Paste Magazine, she said that being included in the show as the “woman,” Josh will have something to work with as a team. “I think that’s the first time they’re really allowed to be a team,” she said. “It’s about realizing that they work that way, they’re comfortable that way, they’ve got each other’s backs.”

For this season, FXX will show Josh has finally found a serious love relationship with Lucy and has gone past the stage of dating and getting laid.

In Den of Geek’s review by Daniel Kurland, it is expected that Man Seeking Woman season 3 will surpass the past two seasons. “His new relationship filter could certainly move at a more lethargic pace and take its time with this new playground,” the review reads. “But the series’ tendency to keep leaping ahead like two new lovers who are eloping gives all the episodes a strong energy.”

Catch Man Seeking Woman on FXX every Wednesday at 10:30 p.m.

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Man Seeking Woman Season 3 Premiere Recap: Josh And Lucy Face Roommates

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