The Magicians Season 2 Spoilers: Deaths And Musical Numbers To Watch Out For

Facebook/ The Magicians Season 2
Facebook/ The Magicians Season 2

The Magicians season 2 spoilers will leave fans with mixed feelings. It has been hinted that there will be musical numbers they should watch out for. On the downside, there will be deaths occurring in the coming season.

Executive producer Sera Gamble confirmed to TV Line that there will be some musical numbers for The Magicians season 2. An exciting season awaits all with a heady cocktail of emotions.

The Magicians Season 2 Spoilers

She said, “We have one or two massive musical numbers over the course of the season, largely because [executive producer] John McNamara’s writing the show, and that’s kind of his thing.”

However, despite what seemed to be a merry season for Syfy’s hit drama, she also confirmed about the deaths of some characters. “I can say that major characters will die this season,” Gamble admitted. “So we have fun, but it’s also very serious at times.”

Quentin and Alice’s Romantic Woes

Meanwhile, Gamble talks about the upcoming Brakebills gangs and their adventure to battle against the threats of Fillory. For Quentin and Alice who had their split last season, they will still have to deal with “typical romantic woes” as they fight the other worldly creatures.

Furthermore, Reynard the Fox will have to prepare himself for the wrath of Julia as she gets “a lot darker.” It can be recalled that the trickster god raped her in season 1 and even killed her friends.

Gamble said, “[Julia] is part of the reason that he’s around and continuing to wreak havoc.” She noted that Julia needs to stop him with the help of The Beast. Gamble teased The Beast will become a real character and fans will have to wait to find out who will take on the role.

Margo is also set to take on being a High Queen of Fillory. Compared to Eliot, Gamble noted that he is “a consummate party host, but he’s struggling with the daily responsibility.” On the other hand, Margo is described as a true ruler though she is not born to be a royalty, Inverse said. Gamble also hinted that Margo’s taking on the High Queen crown is not accepted entirely by others.

Catch The Magicians season 2 premiering this Wednesday on Syfy.

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Image Source: Facebook/ The Magicians

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The Magicians Season 2 Spoilers: Deaths And Musical Numbers To Watch Out For

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