Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 12 Spoilers Hint a Huge Hiccup in their Africa Plan

Madam Secretary

Will they be heading to Africa? Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 12 spoilers revealed that they would. But, they might have to have a big detour plan.

It appears that the series will also show that conflict between the United States and China. The conflict might be difficult that they need to make another move even though they admire the continent.

Furthermore, Carter Matt also reported that the next episode might also reveal the person behind the Illinois bomb attack. Kindly read the storyline below. Meanwhile, the readers can watch the promo teaser here.

Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 12 title and synopsis

Title: The Big Detour

Synopsis“When Elizabeth (Tea Leoni) and her staff fly to Africa to offer development aid to the continent, they are caught by surprise when the Chinese arrive there first, ready to outmaneuver the U.S. with competing offers of aid.”

“Also, when turbulence on their plane ride to Africa leaves Daisy unnerved, she and Susan Thompson (Tonya Pinkins) go on a welcome tour of Africa, admiring the beauty of the continent. And, the FBI asks Henry to help investigate a Christian cult member who may have helped build the bomb used in the Illinois coffee shop attack.”

As the trailer shows, an African leader tells Elizabeth that Chinese offers better supplies to Nigeria and other countries. It seems that China got the points against Americans.

Then, she talked to one of the Chinese representatives. The latter said that it was nothing personal, just doing their job competitively. However, Elizabeth is about to lose her temper because of the man’s boastful statements.

Meanwhile, Daisy will ask for Susan’s help after her horrifying experience during a flight to Africa. The turbulence rocked the plane in a scary way, apart from the rattled press coordinator.

With Susan’s aid, Daisy will go ahead and have a welcome trip to Africa to overcome the trauma caused by the bad flying experience. And lastly, the authorities are adamant that a Christian cult is behind the Illinois bombing incident.

There will be more updates about Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 12 spoilers so stick around.

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Image Source: Facebook/MadamSecretary

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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 12 Spoilers Hint a Huge Hiccup in their Africa Plan

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