Lucifer Season 3 Renewal Came Early, But a Lawsuit is on the Way

Lucifer season 3

The Lucifer season 3 renewal is certainly a good reason to rejoice given its early announcement. However, it appears the TV series faces a lawsuit at the same time.

News of the Lucifer season 3 renewal came early from Fox. Indeed, it is the second drama of the network to receive the green light for the 2017-2018 TV season, according to TV Line.

Yet it would appear to be a bittersweet celebration as the renewal coincides with a recent lawsuit filed against Warner Bros. Learn about the details of the case below.

Details of Lawsuit Against Lucifer Revealed

The lawsuit is about the Lucifer theme song. According to The Wrap, composers Robert and Aron Marderosian filed the suit in California last Thursday against Warner Bros., NS Pictures, and composer Marco E. Baltrami. Apparently, the plaintiffs claim to have written the musical theme as part of an agreement with Beltrami.

According to the Marderosians, also known as The Mardos and Heavy Young Heathens, Beltrami approached them for help back in October 2015. Apparently, the composer had difficulty in capturing the spirit of what Warner Bros. and NS Pictures required.

As part of their agreement, the Marderosians asked for co-writer credits. Moreover, they wanted on-screen credit and a hold on publishing rights if the composition is accepted. As it turns out, Beltrami did not tell Warner Bros. or NS Pictures about his promise to the Marderosians. Moreover, he reportedly passed off the composition as his own.

Part of the lawsuit also revealed the intention of the Marderosians to settle the dispute out of court. However, Warner Bros.’ stance on ownership of the composition and recordings forced them to take legal action. Warner Bros. has yet to comment on the case.

Lucifer Season 3 News

It is uncertain how the lawsuit would affect Lucifer season 3. Nonetheless, Fox Broadcasting entertainment chief David Madden is happy about the strong performance of Lucifer.

“Lucifer is one of those rare shows that starts strong out of the gate, and just keeps getting better and better. Tom (Ellis), Lauren (German) and the entire cast have really made these characters three-dimensional, and the production team–Jerry (Bruckheimer), Len (Wiseman), Jonathan (Littman), Joe [Henderson] and Ildy (Modrovich)—is one of the best in the business,” Madden said in a statement.

No doubt, the series’ strong numbers helped secure its next 22 episodes. To date, Lucifer season 2 brings in an average audience share of 3.8 million. Moreover, its demo number of 1.1 is at par with Gotham’s.

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Image source: Facebook/Lucifer

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Lucifer Season 3 Renewal Came Early, But a Lawsuit is on the Way

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