Lucifer Season 2: Photos for Fox Series’ Episode 11 and 12 Revealed

Lucifer Season 2
Lucifer Season 2

Lucifer Season 2 episode 12 is set to feature a possible revelation about Lucifer Morningstar and a secret from his past. Will the FOX series be able to shock fans in the new episode to come?

According to International Business Times, FOX released a photo via Spoilers Guide for episode 12 of Lucifer Season 2 entitled, Love Handles. In the said photo, Lucifer was reportedly holding a photograph, showing a woman in a red dress. The series’ protagonist looks puzzled as he asks his mother Charlotte about the woman’s identity.

Lucifer Season 2 Stewardess Interruptus

On the other hand, Charlotte, portrayed by Tricia Helfer, seems ready to come clean. Lucifer Season 2 episode 12 synopsis has not been revealed yet. But as per the recently released images from Spoilers Guide, it has been confirmed that Charlotte and Lesley-Ann Brandt’s Maze will be working together.

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If fans can remember, Charlotte told Maze the truth about Lauren German’s role, Chloe, in the previous episode. In addition, the two also talked about how they can put Lucifer again to hell. To do this, Charlotte and Maze need to use Chloe as bait. However, it turns out that their plan is going to backfire.

In our previous report, we already mentioned that Charlotte has a plan against Chloe. To her surprise, instead of succeeding her plans, Chloe and Lucifer seem to get more intimate with each other.

Lucifer Season 2 Love Handles

Moreover, Lucifer had lent some time with a group of female. Unfortunately, before he executes things, Chloe arrived at the place and stopped the party. The latter is known as a woman who gets things done as soon as she can. That is why Lucifer would likely be disappointed in her actions.

As shown in another photo, Chloe seems to be in the middle interviewing party attendees. It turns out that the said party event might have something to do in the case she is working on. Lucifer Season 2 is on hiatus for now.

Furthermore, the FOX series is set to return on Jan. 16, 2017 with episode 11, entitled Stewardess Interruptus. Lucifer Season 2 episode 12 will air on Jan. 23, Monday.

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Photo: Facebook | Lucifer

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Lucifer Season 2: Photos for Fox Series’ Episode 11 and 12 Revealed

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