Logan Post Credit Scene and All Your Burning Questions

Logan post credit scene
Hugh Jackman

A big question that left fans wondering pointed to the lack of a Logan post credit scene. Fortunately, the film’s director easily addressed the inquiry.

Marvel fans are accustomed to either a mid-credits scene or a post-credits scene for every film. However, moviegoers who waited for the end of the film’s credits discovered no extra clip awaited them.

Logan director James Mangold spoke to the Toronto Sun and explained his reason for not including any post-credit clip. Mangold tells the outlet:

“The only way we came out with a different movie was trying to do it differently. If this is how these other movies are doing it, we’re going the other way… And really, what are those scenes but ads for another movie? We were trying to make a movie that begun and ended on its own terms. There was nothing else to say, because we had said it.”

Mangold further explained his reasoning by comparing the “post-credit scene rule” to the requirement of serving cheesecake after dinner when hosting guests. For the director, it’s always his choice whether or not to do one.

However, aside from the director’s personal choice, it seems another reason makes the lack of a post-credit scene more fitting. Set in 2029, Logan features a post-apocalyptic setting where mutants–save for Professor X (Patrick Stewart), Logan (Hugh Jackman) and Caliban (Stephen Merchant)–no longer roam the Earth. Hence, Logan‘s storyline could as well be the end of the X-Men narrative.

Consequently, since most post-credit scenes from other Marvel films tease other installments of the franchise, Logan being the end won’t have a future to point to. It’s the film’s way of saying this is the end of the line for the audience’s favorite X-Men characters.

Consolation for the Lack of a Logan Post Credit Scene

While the lack of a post-credit scene may have disappointed fans, another content made up for the absence. A Deadpool 2 teaser screened for some audiences before Logan. However, the teaser seemed to have been exclusive for North America audiences.

Fortunately though, the teaser already made it online. Entertainment Weekly shared the 3-minute video showing the Merc with the Mouth try and save a man from being mugged. However, he fails to do so after taking too long changing into his costume.

The teaser also gave a gem of a Stan Lee cameo. The comic book creator praises Deadpool’s suit.

Consequently, another clue the teaser drops point to Cable’s appearance in the sequel. In the photo booth where Deadpool changes, a writing says “Nathan Summers c–ming soon.” The name is Cable’s alter ego.

Were you one of the fans disappointed by the lack of Logan post credit scene? Air your sentiments in the comments below.

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Image Source: Flickr/Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons

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Logan Post Credit Scene and All Your Burning Questions

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