Good Behavior Season 1 Episode 10: Letty’s Choice Could Lead Javier in Danger

Good Behavior Season 1 Episode 10

Good Behavior season 1 episode 10 showed fans how lead star Letty put her partner, Javier, in danger. Could this lead to Javier’s arrest or he will be able to escape?

In the recent episode of American seductive thriller Good Behavior, Letty, played by Michelle Dockery (Downtown Abbey), had made a number of wrong choices. Due to fear of losing the battle of custody for her son Jacob, Letty got in bed with Sean after being drunk.

Javier, played by Juan Diego Botto, then found out Letty’s one-night affair with Sean and immediately left the lead character. This made Letty decide to hand out to the FBI the contract killer handle of Javier.

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Good Behavior Season 1 Episode 10: Letty Messes With Javier

Good Behavior season 1 episode 10 entitled “All the Things” will also show how Letty will try to fix the trouble she has caused to Jacob, International Business Times said in a report. In the synopsis released by TNT, Letty is set to save Javier from being put into jeopardy. “Letty makes a devastating choice and once again has to clean up her own mess. But this time it’s to save Javier,” the synopsis read.

Will Javier Be Turned in to Police Custody?

In the released teaser, Letty even asked Christian, played by Terry Kinney, if the FBI has already caught Javier. Running out of time, Letty pleaded to Javier not to push through with his next victim. She even said that his victim does not deserve to die, so she could save him.

Just before Letty could reveal to Javier that she gave his information to the authorities, the teaser promo cut to the scene where Javier seemed to have surrendered. How will Letty save Javier in the next episodes? Will it be too late to tell Javier the mess she made?

Catch Good Behavior season 1 episode 10 on January 10, Tuesday at 9 pm on TNT, TV Guide said. Check out the official teaser promo for the series’ tenth episode below:

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Good Behavior Season 1 Episode 10: Letty’s Choice Could Lead Javier in Danger

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