Lethal Weapon Spoilers: Huge and Amazing Stunts Await Fans

Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon

Fans of the Lethal Weapon will not be running out of excitement, as the show continues to captivate the audience with new thrill and questions in every episode. Does the show’s cast experience error while doing their stunts?

According to a recent report from TVLine, the cast of Lethal Weapon encountered stunt errors in the past including Martin Riggs’s (Clane Crawford) scene wherein he is seen jumping off a roof and  then swings over a very busy street. The scene was purportedly a logistical mistake, as Crawford jumped off the wrong side of the roof.

Clane Crawford Could HaveMade Stunt Error

Matt Miller, the executive producer of the show, told the site that Crawford was supposed to jump on the other side of the roof to make it easier for the actor to jump to a nearby building.

“It was supposed to be another side that would have made it a much more logical and plausible jump to a very close building, over an alleyway as opposed to going over cross-traffic,” Miller stated in an interview.

Fortunately, the episode was still able to set the piece right for the reboot of the movie franchise. It reportedly kept the adrenaline pumping in the audience and the characters itself.

“We do not want to do superhero stuff, but we want to feel like we are in a slightly heightened world,” he added. “We do want to plausibly believe, at least on some level, that it could happen.”

Miller also added that Crawford ended up in a set piece, which was at a greater height. Crawford continued to run and jump on the car hoods, but the lights from the location blurred the scene. Fans are reportedly worried if Crawford’s character, Riggs, made it through the jump.

Meanwhile, International Business Times reported that Miller shared how lucky they are to cast Crawford. The lead character played by Crawford was believed to have been a tough proposition to cast, which is why they were happy that the 38-year-old actor signed up for the role after he declined to do at first.

“He is from Alabama so he has got this light southern twang,” Miller described Crawford. “He has just got this different presence and a different way of approaching things.”

Miller said the original lead star, Mel Gibson played the role of Riggs, which made it hard for them to find a great actor, yet they found Crawford.

Lethal Weapon season 1 airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on FOX network.

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Image Source: Facebook/Lethal Weapon

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Lethal Weapon Spoilers: Huge and Amazing Stunts Await Fans

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