Legion TV Series Not Connected to the X-Men Movies, But Another Series Is

Legion TV Series

Legion TV series has remained a mystery to all. It was proclaimed as a television version of X-Men except that Legion is not totally like the films.

According to Collider, the FX series is from Noah Hawley, the creator and showrunner of Fargo. Unlike other Marvel shows, this new series does not exist within Marvel Cinematic Universe. It does not carry the same take on other shows and was conceived out of Hawley’s pure creativity.

As per the source, Hawley worked with producer Simon Kinberg for the series. Aside from that, he was also given a chance to have his own take on what X-Men series would look like on TV.  From there, he made a very subjective basis on David Haller’s character, also known as the son of Professor X.

In line with this, Haller, who will be played by Beauty and the Beast’s Dan Stevens is not quite sure of his mental state. Meanwhile, the story takes place in 1970 where his possible mutant powers are considered as a psychological condition. With this, it is still a mystery whether Legion will enter the X-Men timeline.

X-Men Producer On Legion TV Series

IGN reported their recent interview with no other than Lauren Shuller Donner. She produced all the X-Men movies and is making her very first TV gig producing Legion.

As mentioned earlier, the television series is completely segregated from the films’ universe. Hence, fans must not expect that everything will be the same when they refer to Professor X. It is not going to be Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy’s version.

“The cinematic universe will not worry about Legion. They will not worry about these TV worlds at all. They will just continue in the way that they have been continuing, and there is some great stuff that we are developing.”

Donner adds that though it may not become completely new from the previous ones, they made sure not to get in each other’s way. In addition, another series is actually connected to the show. The producer revealed that it was secretly connected to USA Network’s Burn Notice.

Furthermore, the said series ended in 2013 and was created by Matt Nix. Legion TV series hits the small screens in February 9.

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Image Source: Facebook/Asia,Legion

Video Source: YouTube/Marvel

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Legion TV Series Not Connected to the X-Men Movies, But Another Series Is

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