Legend of the Blue Sea Finale Reveals Heo Joon Jae and Shim Chung’s Future

Legend of the Blue Sea Finale
Legend of the Blue Sea

Heo Joon Jae and Shim Chung ended the previous episode with a kiss. What else should fans expect in the Legend of the Blue Sea finale this week?

Several speculations emerged online on what would be Joon Jae (Lee Min-ho) and Shim Chung’s (Jun Ji-hyun) future after the events in episode 19. One suggested that the couple’s doppelganger in the Joseon era will reunite in the end. There are also speculations about Shim Chung becoming a mermaid again, and she and the conman will part ways in the finale.

In the previous episode, Jo Nam-doo’s (Lee Hee Joon) real intentions have been exposed. It was revealed that he is a good guy who was responsible for punishing bad guys in the past life.

Heo Chi-hyun (Lee Ji-hoon) and his stepmother’s (Hwang Shin-hye) plan failed. They were arrested for murder and attempted murder.

Ma Dae-young (Sung Dong-il ) also got arrested after he got hypnotized and remembered his Joseon life. Cha Shi-ah (Shin Hye-sun) finally conceded and wished Shim Chung a speedy recovery, DramaBeans reported.

Meanwhile, Joon Jae deleted all the hospital files of Shim Chung. He found out that the hospital chief called his colleagues and the press about Chung’s case. Joon Jae then sneaked the mermaid out of the hospital.

Why Would Shim Chung Leave Joo Jae in The Legend of the Blue Sea Finale

The con artist tries his best to hide his concern every time Chung is in pain. He prepared a romantic meal for her. Over dinner, he begged her not to leave. However, he also asked Shim Chung if she’ll return in the ocean after she heals.

As he hugged her by the pool, he tells her, “Promise me one thing. When you go, you won’t erase my memories. I have things to remember with you, which is why I can let you go.”

She tells him that it would be too sad for him, because she may never be able to return. Shim Chung adds he could never know if she lives or dies. “If you can’t come back, I’ll be reborn. You do that too. I told you—my love will last longer than my time here,” Joon Jae replies.

He then leaves to Shim Chung the choice whether to erase his memories or not. After a long moment, she tells him that she already made her decision. The couple then shares a kiss.

Did the mermaid erase the conman’s memory of her? Will Shim Chung leave him? Don’t miss the Legend of the Blue Sea finale on Wednesday, January 25 at 10 p.m. KST in SBS.

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Image Source: Facebook/LegendOfTheBlueSeaKdrama

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Legend of the Blue Sea Finale Reveals Heo Joon Jae and Shim Chung’s Future

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